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BubbleUPnP 1.7.8 will be shortly available on Google Play.
It doesn't contain Chromecast support yet which will be for the next update.
But it includes an exciting new feature called Audio Cast, allowing to capture and play audio from most third party music apps on rooted Android 4.1+ devices running the Xposed framework

With Audio Cast, you can play audio from Spotify, Deezer, Poweramp and many more apps to your renderers, using these apps for playback control and hardware volume buttons for renderer volume control at the system level. It handles exactly like if you were playing local audio.

Check the video to see Audio Cast streaming Spotify to XBMC and Xbox 360, and a bit of Poweramp!

The full setup and usage documentation can be found in the v1.7.8 app, in Settings > About/Help > Tips > Audio Cast.

Xposed is required as BubbleUPnP includes it own Xposed module for the audio capture.

This feature has been really tricky to implement so I hope it will be useful!
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Looking forward to the chromecast support! 
I hope Xposed can somehow be rewritten for ART... especially with it seemingly being the default runtime for future versions of Android. This is a really nice feature!
Can xposed support playing to multiple renderers at once? 
+Alex Flynn
There are hints that the Xposed developer got it semi-working with ART, so there is hope!
+chris r
No it can't.Playing the same audio to multiple renderers is not really possible with UPnP (no synchronization)
Audio Cast works like a charm for me. If I'd have one feedback to do, it would be on the capability to enable it more easily (at the flip of a switch or something).
And maybe a notification icon to let the user know it's enabled. How about a widget too ???
Can xposed be easily installed on an existing cyanogenmod install?
+chris r
Yes, but make sure to not use additional Xposed modules that can potentially conflict with cyanognemod customizations.
With Openelec on RPI can't get Audio Cast to work. It does work on Linux build of Openelec on PC. I do use your Cast to DLNA app to cast to the RPI no issues. Any ideas. Openelec versions are 3.24
+Paul Smith
It is a known issue that will be workarounded in the next release of the app.
This is actually an XBMC bug on ARM (Rpi) when decoding LPCM.
OK perfect - I have XBMC everywhere in the house...Cheers
I have XBMC on one of the computers in my house. I see that it shows up as a renderer, but when I select it (and turn Audio Cast on), I receive an error that the process "Timed out". Any ideas?
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