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I'm pleased to announce the release of BubbleUPnP 1.8.1 and BubbleUPnP Server 0.8.1, bringing many improvements to Chromecast and fixes.

In particular: seeking support in transcoded videos, audio/video track selection, subtitle support (srt and embedded), better 1080p support, and many transcoding failures fixed.

To benefit from most of the new features, you must upgrade to BubbleUPnP Server 0.8.1:


Supported subtitles are:

1. external srt: If the video doesn't otherwise need transcoding to play, BubbleUPnP Server is not required for srt. But if the video is accessed from an UPnP / DLNA media server, it must expose the srt to the app, and not all media servers are able to do this (XBMC/Plex don't; Serviio, Twonky and others do). For non UPnP / DLNA videos (cloud, local), BubbleUPnP can always access srt (if present).
Whenever BubbleUPnP has detected that a video has an associated srt, it will state so next to the codec. For example: "MKV, subtitles".

2. embedded in video (mostly MKV): BubbleUPnP Server is required for these to work.

In both cases and unlike solutions used by other software, subtitles are never burnt in the video (causing a lossy reeconde) and use the Chromecast native abitlity to show subtitles. So subtitles never cause reencoding by themselves.

When subtitles (and also audio/video tracks) are found, they can be selected from the Now Playing screen with the specific icon appearing in the action bar.


Also of note in this release, is Google Music sync fixed. Only syncing albums is fixed for now which means no playlists.

Full changelog


- support for seeking in transcoded videos
- support for embedded subtitles (mostly found in MKV)
- support for audio and video track selection when several tracks are available in a video
- support transcoding videos to a max bitrate (Settings > Chromecast > Max video bitrate)
- support force transcoding Chromecast supported videos to a lower bitrate to solve stuttering with some high res videos such as 1080p camera videos (Settings > Chromecast > Enforce max video bitrate)
- support transcoding videos to to a specified preset for tweaking server CPU usage (Settings > Chromecast > Video encoding preset)
- transcode mp4 if it contains unsupported codecs
- fixed failure to transcode non-seekable streams such as live TV
- fixed failure to transcode FLAC with embedded album art
- fixed very high server CPU usage and stutter transcoding 1080p videos

Other Chromecast changes (not related to BubbleUPnP Server):

- hitting Stop in the Now Playing screen while the Chromecast is idle makes it go back to the Home screen
- support for external srt subtitles. For UPnP/DLNA videos, this is only possible if the media server used exposes subtitles to BubbleUPnP (for details, see About/Help > Tips > Video and subtitles)
- do not proxy cloud media sent from third party apps or added with "Add Stream URL". This allows to exit the app and still have Chromecast playing the media
- removed slow fade animation when viewing images
- fixed FLAC stored on Google Drive (transcoded by BubbleUPnP Server) not playing
- fixed rmvb and possibly some other formats not playing when served by some media servers
- fixed Ogg Vorbis not playing natively
- fixed rare crash on stop or pause

Other changes

- notify updates of new versions of BubbleUPnP Server. Also appear in Settings > Chromecast
- browsing SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox folders associate srt subtitles files (if present) to videos
- fixed Google Music album sync not working. Playlist sync is still broken, thus there are no playlists
- fixed Audio Cast failure to properly seek past 35 minutes
- fixed track advance broken with Shuffle Library  
- fixed local media server not listing .mts and .m2ts files
- fixed "" intent incorrect "duration" field
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Great update! Apt package doesn't seem to be updated though.
+Eduardo Ribeiro Please give more details on what you are downloading because Windows, zip, Synology and Ubuntu packages are up to date and point to 0.8.1.
I manually changed both references of 0.8 to 0.8.1 in the link and now they're downloading, but in to you website they point to 0.8.
I ran apt-get on Ubuntu and it didn't update because it thought I had the latest version.
+chris r
did you do "apt-get update" before doing "apt-get install bubbleupnpserver" to upgrade ?
And before re-adding the bubbleupnp repo again. I'll try it again.
Thanks for all your hard work!
What's the correct way to update a windows install? Just run the new installer? Thanks for all the great software!
+bubblesoftapps Great progress!  I noticed that seek in transcoded videos is flaky.  Usually when I try to seek, it just stop the video.  About 1 out of 5 times when I seek, it start from that point.  Known issue?
+bubblesoftapps Thank you for all the awesome work you guys are doing.

My Chromecast and I are extremely happy being finally able to watch 1080p Attack on Titan MKVs with the subtitles on :D
Love it!. Keep up the awesome work. 
Hi +bubblesoftapps. Thanks for this awesome app. I love the chromecast support. And use it regularly. One problem I have is when using chromecast as renderer for local media it will play smoothly for about 20 mins and then there will be some intermittent silence from there on. This continues untill I have to stop playing and start again. I am not sure it is bubble upno, my wifi or chromecast that is the source of the problem. Any suggestions on how to fix it. Thanks 
Also, do you think it's possible to support synchronised audio playback across multiple Chromecast devices?  
+chris r It's not possible due to http buffering preventing any form of synchronization.
+Godwin Amo-Kwao
Does playback stops entirely going back to the BubbleUPnP text on the Chromecast ? If you use the free version and BubbleUPnP Server, transcoding is limited to 20 min and will stop at that mark if it is currently playing a transcoded media.
+chris r
Transcoding just for Chromecast as it is a fixed target relatively easy to transcode for.
+bubblesoftapps  Hi! Thanks for your great product! 
I have a doubt and (if you agree with my point) a suggestion. Speaking of the setting "Video encoding quality" in the server I find a little confusing the choice of the options "fast, medium, slow" over "high, medium, low". In my limited knowledge of english language I could understand both:
"fast > I have a fast cpu so high quality" or
"fast > be fast and put quality down"..
I think it is the latter but maybe you can clarify!
Thanks :)
@bubblesoftapps NO it just stops momentarily. Like buffering or choked or something. I have the full version.  I use bubble upnp for my other dlna device and do not experience this problem. Only on chromecast
Great work here guys - if you had a setup that would install directly on OMNINAS ( I run the KD20 ) you would be a friend for life
+bubblesoftapps I mean I would like to have any video from my library, regardless of the stored format, transcoded and streamed in H.264.
+bubblesoftapps is there a way to make subtitles bigger when i cast local media with a .srt?

Great update!! this is the best app to cast local content!!
I have a local 1080p mp4 video that won't play smoothly on the chromecast. I've set the Max bit rate to the lowest it can go and enabled force transcoding with no luck. It doesn't seem to be transcoding as there is no CPU activity on bubbleupnp server. Using latest versions.
+chris r
Make sure "Enfore max video bitrate is enabled". If you still have the problem, contact me at
+Chris Vanelli
Well, BubbleUPnP Server transcode to h264 videos that need it for playback to Chromecast, so I do not understand you statement.
+bubblesoftapps sorry for the confusion. I want transcoding regardless of playback device. I don't care about Chromecast. I would like to ALWAYS transcode EVERYTHING from bubbleupnp server. Don't try to decide if it needs it or if playing to Chromecast. ALWAYS transcode.

+Chris Vanelli
That's not possible: DLNA devices have different capabilities requiring specific transcoding for each models. I don't want to have to EVER do that.
thank u for da good job but let me ask u if yo will add Arabic subtitle support to next update cuz a lot Arabs love your app so much. 
+bubblesoftapps i don't know how to show srt file in every video that has. Once I was successfully cast video with srt file, but the other I just can't find how to add srt to casted video. 
+bubblesoftapps seek support is really exciting but I've found that I can only seek once in a video and after that the blue "play progress-bar" disappears from the player and I can't seek anymore.
+Mark Pilloff
Know issue that happens only with some media server. This is fixed in the next app update, not too far off.
Thanks for the reply +bubblesoftapps. Can you suggest a media server (Windows) that works today? I'm using xbmc but willing to try something else.
It's working with MKV - "MKV, subtitles" - and AVI, but not with MP4, any hint?
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