Let me introduce you to my new app: Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic.

This app let you stream your cloud Google Music uploaded by yourself and from the All Access subscription (including Radio) to any UPnP / DLNA device: XBMC, DLNA TVs, PCs, WDTV Live, Xbox 360, Sonos, Android (with BubbleUPnP), various hifi gear from Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, and many many more.

UPnP /DLNA devices appear as  Chromecast devices that can be selected in the Google Play Music app for playback and control.

You heard it right: you use the Google Play Music app to play to mentionned devices.

This short demo video shows Google Music streaming to Xbox 360 and XBMC.

The app is available now on Google Play:


Streaming is limited to 20 minutes per app launch, which can be removed by purchasing an unlocker within the app.

If it doesn't work with your UPnP / DLNA device please send me a log file (to bubblesoftproducts@gmail.com), following these instructions:

- swipe the Google Music Play app from the recent apps list (to force it to reload when it will be launched next)
- launch Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic
- enable "logging to file" in Menu > About
- IMPORTANT: Exit the app using menu > Exit
- restart Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic
- start the Google Play Music app, select the problematic device, play something and trigger the problem
- exit Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic (menu > Exit)
- connect your phone to your PC or MAC and mail me the file /Android/data/com.bubblesoft.android.upnpcast/log.txt found on the SD Card.
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