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Let me introduce you to my new app: Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic.

This app let you stream your cloud Google Music uploaded by yourself and from the All Access subscription (including Radio) to any UPnP / DLNA device: XBMC, DLNA TVs, PCs, WDTV Live, Xbox 360, Sonos, Android (with BubbleUPnP), various hifi gear from Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, and many many more.

UPnP /DLNA devices appear as  Chromecast devices that can be selected in the Google Play Music app for playback and control.

You heard it right: you use the Google Play Music app to play to mentionned devices.

This short demo video shows Google Music streaming to Xbox 360 and XBMC.

The app is available now on Google Play:

Streaming is limited to 20 minutes per app launch, which can be removed by purchasing an unlocker within the app.

If it doesn't work with your UPnP / DLNA device please send me a log file (to, following these instructions:

- swipe the Google Music Play app from the recent apps list (to force it to reload when it will be launched next)
- launch Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic
- enable "logging to file" in Menu > About
- IMPORTANT: Exit the app using menu > Exit
- restart Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic
- start the Google Play Music app, select the problematic device, play something and trigger the problem
- exit Cast To UPnP / DLNA For GMusic (menu > Exit)
- connect your phone to your PC or MAC and mail me the file /Android/data/ found on the SD Card.
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Interesting, was just this moment looking for the best way to stream from Google Music to Sonos. Good timing.
Yay, this is exactly what I was hoping for! I'll try out as soon as I can. I've been very happy with BubbleUPnP, the paid version, a great deal for so much functionality, but I was missing my AllAccess features.
Sonos test: Found in the Chromecast menu without any problems. Trying to play produced no sound at first. Trying again 1min later produced sound, and all was good for half a minute then some bad squeeking sounds now and then and the Google Music player progress bar continuously started over from 0, though the song progressed (audio wise) as it should (apart from bad sound now and then). Promising, but not quite there yet?
+Mattias Isegran Bergander Thank you for your report. This is the first version so there may be issues. Please send me a log file, following the instructions I added at the end of this G+ post.
I will give this a try with my pioneer sc-1222 tonight or tomorrow night.  Not sure if you can answer these but i will try and report back with answers as well
1) how is the volume controlled.  upnp will control my receiver's volume when the receiver is in render mode
2) Will the song title be displayed on receiver display?  Upnp curently does this and gives even more info if i give turn the screen on.  Again when the receiver is used as a renderer.
3) what is the price to unlock this app or is it unlocked with our upnp unlock access?
+Joseph McMeekin

1. Volume is controlled with either the hardware buttons in Google Play Music (or any other volume control if offers), or with the volume slider shown by tapping the Chromecast icon when a device has been selected

2. Normally yes but it may depend on receivers.

3. 1.49€ as a launch price
Sorry, i should have worded number 1 better.  What i meant was does the volume control the actual receiver's volume like upnp or does it work like on the chromecast where you set the receiver as loud as you want it then turn it via the phone?

p.s. awesome price.  and thank you soooo much for making this
+Joseph McMeekin
It controls UPnP volume (usually between 0 and 100 on most renderers).
Google Play Music has only steps of +5 / -5 is seems so you get 0, 5, 10, ...95, 100.
Depending on the receiver, I would avoid using the volume slider to avoid potential volume scare. Hardware volume buttons are safe.
First! To +1 on play store :)
Good job, love your work!
Will try it soon, very soon.
Will it be possible to do something similar with the Youtube app?
Will it ever be possible to stream locally stored music from play music in this way, or does the play music app not allow this?
does google music output FLAC files in their true form or does it compress them?
awesome work!!! just bought the unlocker :)
+John Jolayemi local music is unlikely, unless the play music app support it at some point, which I doubt it will.
+bubblesoftapps FYI the redirect to xda link is missing for this app (from the About / Feedback menu item). 
+bubblesoftapps No thats makes me a little sad. Well well. Great work btw. Bought the full version. Works good on my squeezeboxes! :) Would have loved a way to do the same with youtube.

But you just provided the first way to stream google play music to a squeezebox so I'm really happy anyway :)
Has anyone received an http authentication error? It seems to still work streaming to the chrome cast. I'm thinking a cache clear on my renderer or phone will probably fix the issue. Just curious if anyone else ran into this.
App works wonderfully with my sc-1222. Unlocking now. Can you add the volume resolution option like you did in the bubble app? Also is it possible to add it to the widget?

Lastly it seems that you have to open Google play music to adjust the volume. Any way around this?

And to answer my own questions, yes this controls the receiver volume. And I get song info on the display of my receiver. I have not tested to see if I get album art on the TV though. Not worried about that though.

I love the app, but I'm a little hesitant about buying it because it seems kind of like something that Google could block with a simple update to the Play Music app. Do you have anything that might put my fears to rest?
+bubblesoftapps this is so amazingly close to perfect. Is there any possibility but this app can add support to play music on the Xbox 360 a damn is playing? If so I'd buy pro in a heartbeat.
Worked perfectly! and I can RW/FW pause and play from my Pebble!!! how comfortable is that!
does it work with PS3? I've been looking for something like that for ages :D
Bought the app, it's been working mostly flawlessly to stream from All Access to my Naim UnitiQute. I say "mostly" because just now it stopped playing and the UPnP server seemed to have crashed. Once I started the app again, I was able to get back to the track it was on, but from the beginning, not from where it was. What should I do to try to debug this?
+bubblesoftapps is it possible to add the option to start up on device boot? Also an option to keep the device awake while service is running would help with some old/slow devices. Cheers:)
Yeah Fernando Periera ive also had some problems with me having to restart Cast To UPnP. Though it could have something to do with the fact that I play my SqueezeBoxes syncronised. 
+Luigi Apicella
It doesn't work with the PS3 because it is not remotely controllable (unlike, say, an Xbox). I may have a solution to play on the PS3 though,that will involve initiating playback on the PS3
+Liviu Sas
Starting on boot is probably not a good idea unless you want to run the app on a device that is always plugged to power. The app has some requirements while running that affects the battery (need to keep WiFi on for device discovery). That's why it is better to start it only when needed (and use Menu > Exit when not needed anymore), unless running on a device always plugged to power.
+bubblesoftapps Looking forward for the PS3 workaroud, initiating playback on the PS3 is something I can live with if it avoids me to buy another additional adapter to add bluetooth support to my home theatre system :) If you need a beta-tester for that just ask ;)
+bubblesoftapps that's exactly what I'm doing :-) I'm running it on a device that's always connected :-) 
+bubblesoftapps Amazing app. Exactly what I've been looking for.
I'm really baffled though as to why you guys seem to be the only ones who are able to tap into Google Music. I've looked through and through, and couldn't find any other streamer on android able to play GMUsic, except BubbleUpnp and, now, Cast To. How come?
+Luigi Apicella
It is not a workaround as it will allow to initiate playback from all devices that cannot be remotely controlled (it just happens that the PS3 is the most common one).
Implementing this is not trivial at all so it will take some time and will not happen before v1.1.
There has been more important bug fixes to work on but I hope to tackle this support soon.
+Pavel Brodsky
Thanks for the feedback.I'm glad it is useful for people. You forgot GMusicFS in that list =).
+Michael Pujos Don't worry and take your time, happy to read it will work with all ps3-like devices and not just the ps3 :)
more devices supported, more users happy :)
+Mario Di Raimondo Great suggestion, already had some thought about it. At some point, I may add this ability to BubbleUPnP Server, with the paid "Cast to..." app acting as an unlocker.
Is it possible to stream to multiple devices at the same time, in sync?
+Cédric Rochat
Not possible as UPnP doesn't make synced playback possible. But you can stream different music to multiple devices.
+bubblesoftapps Belgium. But looking for the app in the market and installing it from the phone did the trick.
Great job by the way, it works great with my squeezebox! 
Just did this, as I was searching for a way to replace rhapsody (after 8 years) with Gmusic, yet still retain the ease of streaming to my home system. It works great streaming from Gmusic to my squeezebox duet. The duet remote even displays track data, just as if it were controlling the music stream itself, AND after I use this app to get music streaming from Gmusic, I can use the squeezebox remote to navigate through the playlist. I still wish we had a Gmusic app on the squeezebox devices, but this is the next best thing.
I used this app for a while, great piece of software... but now a switched to a real chromecast key and I have to say it's another world :)
no, of course... a chromecast key to play my google music on my home theatre ampli :)
Ok, I wasn't sure what you were getting at when you said 'key'. I've tried audio streaming with a chromecast dongle, and the quality and functionality just wasn't even close to what a purpose built audio streaming device is capable of. The squeezebox devices allow me to stream flac (chromecast transcodes to lossy mp3), and using my ps4 to stream hd movies has been a breeze. The only thing I can think I would need a chromecast for, is to cast youtube vids to my tv, but I'm sure it won't be long before the ps4 has a youtube app.
Just found this app and it is exactly what I need for streaming using the phone. However, maybe I'm missing something obvious but, is it possible to stream Google Music to a DLNA renderer without having an Android device in the network (ie from a Windows PC running Chrome to a Roberts Stream Radio). The reason I ask is that I have a number of digital radios which "used" to work with Last.FM but that service is now defunct and I am looking at using Google Music to replace the functionality. But I need a way to play the Google Music content to the DLNA devices
Awesome app! Exactly what I needed for my Logitech Squeezebox!
The app stopped working since Google Music v5.6.1608P.1252217, as it did for Cheapcast and for the same reason (GMusic switching to the v2 Chromecast protocol).

So it is officially dead on this version of Google Music and future versions. It still works with older versions of Google Music. 

If you want to play gmusic with current and future version of Google Music your only option is to to root your device
and use an app able to capture system audio (BubbleUPnP can do it with its Audio Cast feature).

Or unrooted you can use BubbleUPnP Google Music integration but it is not the same than using Google Music (the app), and only your library can be streamed (including All Access albums).
Thanks for the explanation. I've not used GMusic since Chromecast has been made available in my country so I wasn't aware it doesn't work anymore. My suggestion is to buy Chromecast if possible, it's so cheap that it isn't worth to "fight" with third-part apps to make them work with Google platform ;-)
I agree the chromecast is very cheap and usefull on my TV.  Problem is, I use a Philips fidelio WIFI speaker for playing my music library (very happy with sound quality), but there i have no HDMI and/or USB input.   I can still play my music with the BubbleUPNP app, but I miss the instantmix functionality... 
Is there any way to fix Cast To UPnP/DLNA as this was my only way of streaming music to my HTPC, which is in fact my home entertainment. I build a decent audio setup, but now I'm totally screwed. I would like to keep using the official app, I really loved Cast To UPnP/DLNA! Please make it work again :( I dont like the BubbleUPnP interface and there is apparently no way of accessing the whole Google Music library. I don't want to add everything I listen to to my library and the BubbleUPnP  interface is not great...
What about buying a Chromecast and connecting it to a hdmi port on your HTPC?
+Luigi Apicella Well, my problem is that the HDMI is used by the TV. My setup is a Intel NUC running a low-powered Celeron, so it's on 24-7. The OS is Openelec running XBMC. I hooked up via USB the Audioengine D1 DAC which connects to my speaker setup. Like this it was possible to turn on my speakers, whip out my phone and start streaming without having to turn on the TV at all. I hate having to turn on the TV for just a bit of music, its too big and overkill. Headless playpack is much more subtle. If cast to upnp isn't working anymore, how can I establish a connection between google play music all access and my htpc? Any help appreciated, quite desperate at the moment :-/
This App does not work anymore with new Google Music app. I cannot cast anymore... :(
+Hubert Fein what about getting a chromecast dongle? it's very cheap and solved all my casting issues :)
+Luigi Apicella Thanks for hint! :) But why should I when I have a dlna-TV and an app which could do it also?
It used to be cut, now it's just down... 
When I queue up a list of songs from google music it doesn't automatically go to the next song. I have to open my phone and manually force it to the next song in the playlist.
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