I've been working on integrating #Chromecast support into BubbleUPnP, so any media managed by BubbleUPnP can be played to a Chromecast device.
Here's a video using a development version of BubbleUPnP to play various content to Chromecast:

- a video from an UPnP Media Server: XBMC (would also work with any other media server)
- a video from Google Drive (Dropbox, Skydrive also supported)
- local music stored on SD Card
- a podcast using the Pocket Casts app
- Soundcloud audio using the Soundcloud app

However, not all audio/video formats are playable natively by Chromecast which is limited to html5 codecs mostly. In particular, MKV and lossless audio are not playable as is. To address this issue, BubbleUPnP will allow transcoding / remuxing to a compatible format through BubbleUPnP Server running on a powerful machine on your LAN (a NAS, PC, etc)
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