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I've been working on integrating #Chromecast support into BubbleUPnP, so any media managed by BubbleUPnP can be played to a Chromecast device.
Here's a video using a development version of BubbleUPnP to play various content to Chromecast:

- a video from an UPnP Media Server: XBMC (would also work with any other media server)
- a video from Google Drive (Dropbox, Skydrive also supported)
- local music stored on SD Card
- a podcast using the Pocket Casts app
- Soundcloud audio using the Soundcloud app

However, not all audio/video formats are playable natively by Chromecast which is limited to html5 codecs mostly. In particular, MKV and lossless audio are not playable as is. To address this issue, BubbleUPnP will allow transcoding / remuxing to a compatible format through BubbleUPnP Server running on a powerful machine on your LAN (a NAS, PC, etc)
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Does anyone know what the deal is with developers writing apps for Chromecast but not releasing them? Why are all these great beta demonstrations on youtube and none of them on the play store?
The apps can't be released until Google gives the go ahead.  One reason i heard is that Google is still working on updating the Chromecast.  And they don't want apps released that may break with the updates.  Will be great when they finally give the go ahead.
Google isn't allowing distribution of apps right now, and apps that are being developed need a whitelisted for development Chromecast to work. 
+Jeff Simpson , Koush said that was against the terms of the agreement with the current release of the SDK.
Ah. I knew it was Google's rules about releasing, but it wasn't until i looked it up that I got the details. Apparently this is the "preview" API, so when they switch to the full release it will break things.

Makes some sense, but it still doesn't explain Netflix, YouTube, Google Music, etc. Clearly they already work and are released, so if there are any API changes they are going to have to change, too. Hopefully soon!
I hope Google doesn't wait too long lifiting restrictions but according to Koush it could take a while before they do.
+bubblesoftapps I hope it's not too long.  After all, the device is out there now.  People are giving their opinions on it.  If Google waits too long, people may turn negative.  Don't want that to happen before they have more ready to go on sale!  They need to keep the momentum going
How about XBMC plugin content?  Like 1channel...
+bubblesoftapps  any update on this ? as of right now i dont see much use for my chromecasts ? i was hoping they would do more. but audio doesnt work with screen sharing, i dont use netflix and i dont get my music from google so other then youtube it has no purpose. But i do have about 4TB of media on my server that i use with my xbmc setup in my living room. and would be awesome to cast that to bedrooms :)
+John Tall
No update until Google makes it possible to release Chromecast apps. Probably not before this fall unfortunately.
Any news from google yet on when they'll open things up?
+bubblesoftapps since the official Chromecast SDK was released today any chance to see this in the app anytime soon?
Dear guys I downloaded bubbleupnp from one website, not playstore but i cant get it to recognize the chromecast, it does with my shared folders from windows and even with xbmc, but from my moto g i cant see chromecast, what shall i do ?
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