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Here is a video showing BubbleUPnP #Chromecast transcoding support with the help of BubbleUPnP Server doing the transcoding.
It also shows subtitle support, also handled by BubbleUPnP Server.

2 videos are transcoded to Chromecast:

- MKV with DTS audio and embedded subtitles (both unsupported natively by Chromecast)
- WMV (audio: wmapro)

Transcoding also works for music and all local  and cloud media. It can also work if you're not connected to your home LAN (for example if you're at a friend's house and want to cast your media on his Chromecast device).

BubbleUPnP Server runs on any LAN machine on which Java is available.
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Bought a license in anticipation of this. I want this apk! Hopefully Google whitelists this soon. 
Roughly how powerful does the server need to be to transcode a 1080p video?  Could you recommend a minimum spec?
If the video is h264, it may not require encoding for the Chromecast to play it, unless it is a profile it doesn't support but that remains to be  seen. Otherwise I'd say a Core i3 may be enough but most NASes have lower specs than that. You can probably find info online on CPU required to transcode 1080p to, say, 720p.
Hi, I would like to know if BubbleUPnP already has support to Chromecast? Because I installed the free version of BubbleUPnP and it doesn't found my chromecast on menu of Devices.
Have you applied to Google for your app to be white listed?
+Eduardo Sachs
Chromecast support is disabled in the app until Google approve it and I don't know when (if?) it will happen. For now, there is no third party Chromecast app approved except Hulu and Pandora.
Is there a way to sideload the unofficially version of bubble that supports this?
+Bobby Flores
There is no unofficial version and even if there was, it wouldn't work as it must be whitelisted by Google have an app, that somehow YOU guys have it working with chromecast, have a video to tease us all - and then turn around and say it doesn't work until google whitelists it?  wtf.  this is just a big "neener neener, we can do it and you can't!" video.
I'm very close to getting this setup done but have some stutter issues on MKV and anything high def. I'm curious .. for the Media Renderer, should I be using "Chromecast" or "Local Render"?
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