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Larry Smith
Canada's Own, Larry Smith.
Canada's Own, Larry Smith.
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Had a blast doing the Warrior Dash last week.  I'm in for every year!!!
Warrior Dash July 2013
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2008 - 2011 Book Sales Chart

The AAP (The American Association of Publishers) released book sales for 2011 numbers a few days ago. I've been sitting on the data and finally had time to sift through it. Take a look at the chart I created below.

Where others are talking about print sales dollars declining, I opted to look at percentages of sales among just three categories of books: Adult Hardcover, Adult Paperback, and eBooks. As you can see, we're nearing a conversion point that will likely happen in 2012.

What's the takeaway here? That next year, it will be terribly old-fashioned to declare "But I just love the feel of a printed book!".


I had to dig around a bit (Thanks, Google!) to find 2008 and 2009 numbers. If you want to check my math, here are the data I used:

Format YTD 11 YTD 10 YTD 09 YTD 08
Total trade 5859.7 6109.7 8068 8079.4
Adult Hardcover 1293.2 1567.7 2604.1 2436.3
Adult Hardcover % 22% 26% 32% 30%
Adult Paperback 1165.6 1380.9 2241.3 2364.3
Adult Paperback % 20% 23% 28% 29%
eBooks (excludes religious) 969.9 446.3 313.1 113.2
eBooks % 17% 7% 4% 1%
Total % 59% 56% 64% 61%

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Scouty on our walk today. Nice teeth.
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