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Solyent: Day 3 - First Meal
10AM, Tuesday, 14-Oct 2014

Nothings changed, nothing new to report.
Drank approx 1/3rd of the days suggested intake (600ml approx).

Bathroom activities have been normal, regular, and not featuring any radical changes.   This includes no sudden increase in gas, farts, burping or anything else along those lines.

Today will be the first day I go 100% Soylent (except for coffee, and maybe some of this chocolate a client sent me as thanks...).

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Soylent: Day 2 - First Meal 
10AM, Monday, 13-Oct-2014
Day 2.  Like a dumb ass I forgot to set my alarm, so I slept till about 9am.

Got up, normal morning routine.  No digestive issues, no sudden need to do anything bathroom related...  

Shower, glass of Soylent, coffee,  at my desk emailing and calling as normal.

Reading up on things last night, I realized that there is no bacteria cultures in Soylent, or, at least I am thinking theres nothing to stimulate that.   So the one SPECIFIC change I made in response to Soylent was taking a probiotic pill.   But, I try to take those anyway.

I'm suspecting if anything, todays when I'll notice anything different with the bathroom...  but I KNOW you can't wait to hear about that.

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Soylent: Day 1 - Second Meal 
415PM, Sunday, 12-Oct-2014
Had a totally normal sunday morning, which usually means 'breakfast' at 10 or 11.  As stated in the previous post, I ate at 1130am.   Since then I had a cup of coffee and a blue berry muffin, which looked so good I couldn't pass it up.

No gas, no upset stomach.    If anything, I might be anxious about what I'm doing, giving me a moments question... But then I realize I'm psyching my self out.

Taste remains bland if non-existent.  Somewhat gritty texture that sits in your mouth.   

As for 'energy' or 'food', you know... "is it feeding me":   yes, yes it is.  I feel like I'm not hungry... not jittery-from not having enough food... or tired like if I didn't get enough sugars or something...

And for the paranoid: no I haven't developed a taste for blood, no my teeth haven't fallen out, and no I'm not joining a cult.

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Soylent: Day 1 - First Meal 
11:30am, Sunday, 12-Oct-2014
I purchased a weeks supply of Soylent, and I'm starting today.

The production of it, with a nice blender is mandatory.  Its a gritty fine powder in its package, and mixing it with the fish oil reminded me a lot of what its like to mix baking powder and water...  The dust just goes everywhere...   As a Version 1 product, I'm not sure how you can change the consistency to reduce the mess you make...  With a nice blender though, it mixes very quickly, and pours very smooth.  There were no disgusting clumps or messy dry chunks I had to mix in again.

The color, leaves something to be desired.   And the taste, is... non existent.   Its chalky, and maybe maybe just a tint of vanilla.    But with that said, completely fine to drink and consume.   I was worried it wouldn't be palatable, or that the consistency would be disgusting.   The color doesn't help this at all, but having just drank the first 3rd of the bottle...  Its fine.  

As of, 15 minutes in to the experience.   I've got no complaints!
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Duran Goodyear commented on a post on Blogger.
I don't see Philadelphia on this list.
With Comcast being headquartered in Philly, and Comcast wanting to by TWC, this seems like an obvious place to bring Google Fiber.

In other words.   Please take my money.
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A fantastic interview with William Gibson

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A fantastic interview with William Gibson!
A must read for any 'punk and / or Gibson fan!

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This is amazing.  -- Deleted and alternate scenes are chronologically arranged.

I've got a friend in cinci who's looking to hire Android, iOS, html5, css3,JavaScript developers.

If you're looking for work. Let me know. I'll make intros.
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