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You're Invited to our FREE Fall Seminar. Come listen to local experts give advice that can help your company deal with employee health! Follow the link below to RSVP today.

Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Consultants , PC
Dr. Madhukar Kaloji, MD, FCCP
“Effects of Sleep Apnea on Employees”

Jonthan Cochran, 4UMD Consultant
“Stress Testing”

I & O Medical Centers Dr. N. Michael Baddar, MD, MD, MPH
“Importance of Occupational Doctor’s Sign Off for Fit for Duty”

Onelife Fitness
“Use of BMI Testing in Employee Screening”
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I & O Medical Centers was recently featured in The Commerce Connection as their workers compensation expert.  Read our featured article to learn more about our Return to Work Philosophy and for more information be sure to visit
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Do you know the difference between a titer and a vaccination?

A vaccine is a shot given to make you develop immunity.

A titer is a blood test, to prove that you actually developed that immunity

Here at I&O Medical Centers we can perform a large variety of vaccines and titers if you have a specific question about a test please contact one of our four locations.
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OSHA defines an "occupational medical record" as a cumulative record that includes information about a health status documented on an employee. These records often include personal and occupational health histories as well as evaluations, employment-related treatment, exposure records, occupational illness and accident/injury records. OSHA refers to these records as occupational health records or OHR's.
The employee, employee's insurance and employee's healthcare provider all have the right to view these records, however the employer is the owner of the physical OHR. With privacy standards in your hands, it is imperative that you keep your "company doctor" up to date with protocols. This includes updating when points of contact change, updating phone and fax numbers as well as protocols for paperwork and results. An up to date account will reduce room for error with these confidential documents.
As the medical provider, I&O Medical Centers can only disclose information to the employer, the patient, the government or appropriate third parties. Organizations such as OSHA and Department of Transportation require employers to submit medical information regarding their employees and drivers. As a medical office we are HIPPA compliant and our employees are trained to HIPPA standards. As your company doctor we will do our part to ensure these records are safely handled, however, we ask that you keep us updated with changes to ensure all results and paperwork are delivered in a timely and secure manner.
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