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When you’re home alone and you hear a scary noise:

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1. Real Name: Rosa Isela Rivera

2. Nickname: Rosita, Flaca, Grandma(from my snareline, only senior)

3. Favorite Color: Blue, black and neon green

4. Male Or Female: Female

5. Elementary School: Graduated

6. Middle School: Graduated

7. High School: Currently attending

8. College: Hopefully going to attend

9. Hair Color: Dark Brown

10. Tall Or Short: 5'3" you decide

11. Sweats Or Jeans: Jeans

12. Phone Or Camera: Phone, just use the phone camera

13. Health Freak: Yes, honestly

14. Orange Or Apple: Oranges

15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yes, my boyfriend

16.Guy Friends Or Girl Friends: Both

17. Piercings: Yes

18. Pepsi Or Coke: Coke

19. Have You Been In A Airplane: No

20. Have You Been In A Relationship: Yes, currently in one

21. Have You Been In A Car Accident: No

22. Have You Been In A Fist Fight: No

23. First Piercing: Ears

24. Best Friend: Anthony Sanchez, my siblings, cousin, middle school friends (Very few)

25. First Award: Some reading award

26. First Crush: A guy in kindergarten i think his name was Miguel I don't know

27. First Word: I don't know

28. Any Talent: Sax player, Percussion player (Currently center snare)

29. Last Person You Talked To: My best friend in the hall

30. Last Person You Texted: Boyfriend

31. Last Person You Watched A Movie With: My brother

32. Last Thing You Ate: Pizza, I'm not fond of pizza

33. Last Movie/TV Show You Watched: Project Alamanac, The Originals

34. Last Song You Listened To: Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood

35. Last Thing You Bought: Nachos during competition

36. Last Person You Hugged: My friend Vanessa

37. Food: Spaghetti, a certain i can't explain

38. Drink: Peace Tea

39. Bottoms: longish Shorts

40. Flower: Roses or Ranunculuses

41. Animal: Zebras

42. Color: Blue black and neon green

43. Movie: Maze Runner trilogy, Harry Potter series so on

44. Subject: Marching Band

Have You Ever (Put A X In The Brackets If Yes) 
45. [X]Fallen In Love With Someone 

46. [X]Had Your Heart Broken 

47. [x]Celebrated Halloween 

48. []Went Over The Texts/Minutes In Your Phone
49. [X]Had Someone Like You 

50. [X]Hated The Way Someone Changed 

51. []Got Pregnant 

52. []Had An Abortion 

53. [X]Did Something You Regret

54. [X]Broken A Promise 

55. [X]Hid A Secret 

56. [X]Pretend To Be Happy

57. [X]Met Someone Who Has Changed Your Life 

58. [] Pretended To Be Sick

59. [] Left The Country 

60. [X] Tried Something You Normally Wouldn't Try And Liked It 

61. [X]Cried Over The Silliest Thing 

62. [X] Ran A Mile (yes school P.T. thou I'm really lazy about it hehe)

63. [] Gone To The Beach With Your Best Friend 

64. [X]Gotten Into A Argument With Your Friends

65. [X] Disliked Someone 

66. [] Stayed Single For Two Years Since The First Time You Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Or Been Single Forever

67. Eating: Nothing 

68. Drinking: Nothing

69. Listening To: Nothing

70. Sitting Or Laying: Sitting

71. Plans For Today: Homework eat sleep etc

72. Waiting For: The moment I'm me

73. Want Kids: Yes

74. Want To Get Married: Yes

75. Want To Travel: Yes

What Do You Look For In A Partner: 
76. Lips Or Eyes: Both mainly Eyes

77. Shorter Or Taller: Doesn't really matter

78. Younger Or Older: Either one but not to young

79. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Both but Romantic more

80. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant: Both

81. Hook Up Or Relationship: Both but rather Relationship

82. Looks Or Personality: Personality.

Have You Ever:
83. Lost Glasses: Yes

84. Snuck Out Of The House: Yes

85. Held A Gun Or Knife In Self Defense: No 

86. Killed Somebody: No

87. Broke Someones Heart: I don't know

88. Been In Love: Yes

89. Cried When Someone Died: Yes

Do You Believe In: 
90. Yourself: Some days

91. Miracles: No

92. Love At First Sight: I don't know yet

93. Heaven: No

94. Santa Clause: No

95. Aliens: Yes

96. Ghosts/Angels: Yes

97. Is There One Person You Truly Want To Be With Right Now: Yes.

98. Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are: Yes

99. Do You Beileve in God: idk

100. Post As 100 Truths:
Rules: Once You've Been Tagged, You're Supposed To Write A Post With 100 Truths About You. At The End, Choose 20 People To Be Tagged. You Have To Tag The Person Who Tagged You. I'll Leave A Clean Version At The Bottom, Tag Your 20 People And post.

This is probably the only Chain mail I will allow.
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