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I was homeschooled, which to different people means
different things. To some it means the antisocial hermits who only associate
with other homeschoolers. To others it means “unschooling” a form of school in
which one learns from the experiences of life. Am...

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Talking Face-to-Phone
Firstly, long time no see! Yeah, I know, it has been over a year, but this is something I just have to get off of my chest. I hate phones. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em! They are great for communication such as organizing a meet up, and a healthy amount of t...

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Perspective  “Eliza, are you done yet? You’ve been in there
forever!” her brother yelled as he banged the door.                 “Almost!
Just gimme a second, will you!” she answer. What’s
his hurry?                 Eliza
worked into her skinny jeans and put...

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How You See Me
Hello!         I think everyone at one time or another has thought about what others think of them. Basically, if I were thinking "What d...

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Comment if you want to see more of Define Beauty!

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Whats you Perfect Girl?
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