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I'm getting some scripts hanging on `SpreadsheetApp.openById`. Anyone else see this happening?

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I'm crafting a new library for the Slides API that is intended to be a high level service like DocumentApp or DriveApp. I'm debating about what style of iteration I should use. What style do you prefer?

Style 1)
An Iterator Object:
var slides = myDeck.getSlides();

Style 2)
Array looping:
var slides = myDeck.getSlides();
for(var slide in slides){

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I prefer Iterator style looping.
I prefer array style looking

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The Slides API was released today. Docs can be found here:

I ran the API through my GAS library generator and have put it up on github.

You can also link directly to the library:


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Today I put together a chrome extension for something I've wanted in the IDE for a long time. This addon adds a button so you can toggle the sidebar open and closed. Now you can have the the sidebar extended to see your long file names and at the push of a button hide it out of view.

This extension is based on the great work done by leonhartX.

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So I revisited a tool I use to package GAS Libraries as modules. I ported the command line tool to a webapp. I also tossed in minification while I was tinkering with it. The live tool is at:

You can get the source at the linked github repo.
The bulk of the work is done by esprima, escodegen, and esmangle javascript libraries. Commonjs Everywhere was used to compile them from nodejs modules to javascript modues that Apps Script can use.

Note: It may take a minute to compile. You will get a download link when everything is ready. 

I'm trying to style a webapp I have embeded in a website using the new setXFrameOptionsMode. I need the background transparent. In the webapp you have access to your immediate document and the parent document. But the background-color is set to white one level up in the iframe with the ID="sandboxFrame". If you try to 'drill-up' to this iframe you get a cross-origin error. Can anyone think of a way to set this background color?

Will custom authentication continue to support project secrets going forward or should we migrate to using service accounts for token signing?

Is there a way to force Polymer to reparse the DOM after injecting a new <dom-module> using something like insertAdjacentHTML?

Google Apps Script does not support CORS so I'm trying to come up with an alternate way to import custom elements.

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Here is a sample project on how to setup and use  reCAPTCHA in a WebApp.  Check out the setup instructions in the the repos README.

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I figured out a neat tip recently.  Apps Script web apps work with Google Sign Builder. You can link directly to your published URL to have your site or widget work within your digital sign. 
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