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Garret Beebe
The original autonomous goal seeking program
The original autonomous goal seeking program

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I am a Star Wars fan and a runner, but I just noped the hell out:

Today's daily reminder to vote on or before November 6th is brought to you by your burning hatred of the other candidate and your ability to stuff your fingers in your ears. causality breaks down on your first round trip, the singularity at the leading edge of your bubble pulverizes your destination, and you are cooked in your seat from the hawking radiation. :

Just got bitched out by a soccer mom for prematurely closing a door in front of her 13th child. Seriously lady, I am sorry. I didn't see your rare snowflake. Wait, hold up, you have 13 kids. After the 12th, they aren't unique snowflakes anymore. You are the Henry Ford of human reproduction. If you lose one, head back to the homestead and assemble another from spare parts. I am usually very sympathetic to people with children. However, I did not force you to raise a militia, and I really didn't see your umpteenth kid standing behind me after I held the door for the first dozen. Please go home, take a Valium or better yet, yell at your husband for his apparently insatiable desire to all up in that.

It's a "the cake is a lie" kind of day. I wish that meant I was goofing around with Portal, but in reality, it pretty much explains my job.

I am wiped out, overwhelmed, and generally not in a good mood. Avoid me at all costs. 

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Sand people always travel single file to hide their numbers: Thannks be to The Prince @aprincipe1

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Freakin' cool. I want to pump this stuff into my bloodstream before my next marathon.
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