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Self-proclaimed Photographer ~ Business Owner ~ Philosopher Extraordinaire
Self-proclaimed Photographer ~ Business Owner ~ Philosopher Extraordinaire

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Always wanted the Augmented TV experience seen in movies like Minority Report?  Well it appears to be coming in the near future.  

You can be a part of it.  25 hours left to join in and bring this to market.

I know I will be buying one.  What about you?

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You have to admit these are pretty cool. Especially if you are both a football fan and a geek. 

What is your favorite?

I am kinda liking the Yinchorr, Royal Guards.

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Create Cloud Storage Help

Hey can someone tell me how to open/save files to the Adobe Cloud Storage?  I have searched and searched but I cannot figure it out.  I am thinking that it is not available yet.  Is anyone else able to do this from PS CC or LR5?

I have tried following these instructions but I do not see a Creative Cloud option like in the instructions.

I am able to access the storage through the web app ( but I can only manage files (upload/delete/etc).  I am unable to open files in PS or LR from here.

Thanks for any help.

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Living On One Dollar
Watched a very inspirational and moving documentary a couple days ago.  What I would give to have our boys live in these kids shoes for a month or two.  I would hope that it would change their selfish and entitled views on life. 

Definitely worth your time to watch.  You can purchase the video from their site and all the money goes to helping the kids in the video.  Or you can watch it on Hulu.  

Check it out.

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I thought up this idea 20 years ago when I lived in Seattle, but technology was not what it is today.  I look forward to see if it succeeds.  

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Looks like Flipboard is finally being released on Windows 8.1.  I am interested to see how it will work on my laptop.  10 minutes to go...

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Although most of these probably don't apply to me, I do admit that there are some that do.  LOL  Do you agree +Lisa Rose ?

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Ummm....All-New Series?  It is the same exact crap that was on the other channel.  Jeez!  There is nothing funny or interesting about this guy.  Thankfully I don't get this channel.  

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These guys are DOUCHEBAGS!  I hope they get busted.  

Need Feedback
I have a question. Lets say you ordered an item from an online retailer and say spent $100-200 on the item.  Lets also say they shipped it UPS.  Now if UPS states they left it on your front porch but when you got home it was nowhere to be found, should I as a customer just say OH WELL and right it off as a loss?  Or should the retailer step up and ship another item (this time with signature required)?  

I am not sure exactly what grounds I have in this situation.  I never received the item I paid for. BUT by UPS stating that they left it on my porch, that is their proof of delivery.  So they are no longer liable.  So it either falls on the retailer or the customer to eat it.  

To add a little extra info to the story (not that it matters) my close neighbor and his wife straight across the street saw the UPS driver pull up to my house (at the time the driver logged the package delivered), but they never saw him actually deliver a package to the house.  Kinda odd if you ask me.  

I have contacted the retailer and they said they will open an investigation with UPS, which is a big waste of time because UPS will just claim that the package was delivered.  Plus this will take a bunch of time.  I know from past experience with UPS and my business.  

I know it sucks to say this but I feel the responsibility falls on the retailer.  I have in the past had to eat orders quite a few times because of UPS.  I didn't have to but I felt it was the right thing to do for my customers.  To get around this I started requiring signature on all deliveries.  Because the retailer did not do this to protect themselves and the customer I think they should step up.  

So does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge in this type of situation?  
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