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Tammy Matthews
A Fun Loving Woman, With Her Own World
A Fun Loving Woman, With Her Own World

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Where is she?  When is she coming back?  What's happening in Tammy World?  These are all questions I've gotten over the last few months.  Questions shouted over the sounds of chirping crickets as a labyrinth of cobwebs formed around this blog. Well, the ans...

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This was a test. This was the ultimate test. To have brought a humble being out of the woods, out of the swamp, out of the wild And plop it into her life as a ball of pure joy and innocence. The Sun was shining. Finally A smile returned to her tired, pale...

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The rising waters began to cover the last patches of dry ground
surrounding my old, rusty mobile home when the power went out sometime
after midnight. I was home alone that night in September 1996 when the
edge of Hurricane Fran passed by Elizabeth City...

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Everything Changes
Everything changes when you can be yourself. This little expression popped into my head the other day and consequently I posted it on my Facebook page.  That simple phrase does seem to sum up most of what I've learned about life in the last few years, and I...

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10 Month Post Op Update
Wow, I'm now into my 11th month since GRS and things are going great.  Even though any complications I had seem far behind me, they told us that full healing would take a whole year.  I guess I still had a few questions, like what was that mysterious swelli...

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Why did they even get one star? 

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There is a stigma to being different.  I guess a lot of people feel it for different reasons to various degrees at some point in their lives.  Personally, I've felt it strongly since at least time time I entered school as a kid.  People deal with having a s...

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Reflections On The Solstice
The Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  Somehow it means something although I have never truly investigated it or studied the ancient or pagan beliefs enough to understand it's true relevance on those terms. Wikipedia says . " A  solstice  is an...

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Ask Not For Whom The Bell's Toll
It tolls for me! Exactly 2 months ago I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy after noticing some strange things going on with my face the night before.  By the time I made it to the doctor on April 20th, it seemed like the whole left side of my face was frozen. ...
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