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Nathan Ng
skater. climber. runner. dilettante.
skater. climber. runner. dilettante.

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The Great Toronto Fires of 1904—and 1895
Goad’s Atlases of Toronto  were meticulously-detailed, scaled maps for use by insurance underwriters, the real estate industry, and private fire brigades, in the assessment of premiums and fire risk. As it turned out, at least four notable Toronto fires wer...

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testing - ignore. I'm just posting to see how Google photo albums appear in different browsers. Somewhat irritatingly, Chrome cuts off image captions /fails to display captions.
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Yay. (though, the signature on the award is somewhat amusing)

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Minimalist TTC subway map. Spadina extension-ready. Scarborough subway and DRL, not so much. #toronto  

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Fort York Visitor Centre - Opening Reception Sept 18, 2014
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The Fort York Visitor Centre is open! And it's fantastic. Congratulations to everyone who made it happen. #FortYork  #Toronto #tohistory

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Recently Metrolinx posted—and subsequently pulled—an over-the-top $18,000 promotional video about the forthcoming Union Pearson Express transit line. My 'Snowpiercer' parody mashup gets mentioned in this piece about the whole thing. (a link to the parody: 

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For history buffs: 100 years ago, a genteel note from the Prime Minister on the eve of war provides a last glimpse of a more innocent Canada...

#Cdnhistory #wwi100 #wwicentenary  

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Act now, before the waiting period gets longer than your remaining life expectancy. Find out how to get your very own Parliament Hill Canadian Flag.

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I have a confession to make. It's more than a little embarrassing.

I am the top Candy Crush Saga player of all my friends. #CandyCrush
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