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Creativity coaching outside of the box.
Creativity coaching outside of the box.

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From my article The Best Darned Writing Advice You've Never Heard at

Take Your Own Side/Get Rid Of The Shoulds

A writing career is a marathon race. Most of the time, to survive those proverbial slings and arrows, you have to be your own best friend. That means realizing that you must make your own meaning. What does that mean? It means you have to understand why you’re doing this whole writing thing. Why is writing important to you, and what are your real goals? Yeah, I said your real goals. Not the ones the writing community suggests to you right up front should be your goals such as becoming a New York Times Best Selling author. Do you really want that? What sort of sacrifices would you have to make to get there? Think long and hard if that “should” is one that will make you happy in the long run. If you analyze what New York Times Best Selling authors have to do/follow to reach that goal, you may decide those steps aren’t in line with what makes you truly happy and content. Most of the clients I’ve worked with who are suffering through writer’s blocks have discovered their “goals” weren’t theirs or perhaps not the goals they value now. Once they’ve defined what they really want, they rediscover their love for writing again. 

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Live, love and dream! Today I'm talking about creativity on Selena Robin's blog at
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