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A something like an artist, living in the beautiful city of Lisboa, Portugal.
A something like an artist, living in the beautiful city of Lisboa, Portugal.

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Hi, found some more issues.
Sync through Google Drive now works, it is able to connect and download a file. When I go to search for it, it doesn't appear anywhere. Sort by most recent, same thing, doesn't show up. Seems to be a bug.
Improve UX: Search should say "nothing found" because sometimes I don't know if it's thinking or it just freezed.
Update UI: Old icons still showing across other apps.
Keep up the good work
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Small bug that I don't know if anyone reported yet.
When reading a page, i'll pinch to zoom in to max. Then, double tap until I reset the zoom. Go to next page, the max zoom is back.
Nexus 7 w/ android 5

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Hi there,
found two more things a bit odd.
I have a specific comic which is not loading all the pages (preview or fullscreen), but manage to do so on a different app. I can drop you a link to the file if needed.
The other is related to navigation. Most of the times I do the same action. Go to collections, enter one of the collections and keep reading on those comics. When I finish, or for some reason can't finish it, I’ll press the back button on the top bar. This is taking me to the "All Comics", instead of the Collection I was in. I figured the back button from Android actually takes me to collections, but shouldn’t this be consistent? Thanks for all the work.

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Some more insights
Improvement: For some reason, he's not getting the first page as the cover page. (I believe I read there's an algorithm to find what suits best the cover) Anyway, when I select a page and go to options > Use this page as cover > Click back on OS, the page cover change is not reflected. I need to scroll up/down in order to hide that cover and when I get back to that cover, only then will the change be done. Should change as soon as I go back.
#Bug: Take a snapshot is not working. Image attached.

How can I know if I'm using the testers version? I'm currently on v2.0 (checking on App Info), can't seem to find the version I'm at inside the app itself. I've found some more bugs, but would like to be sure at which version I'm at right now. Thanks.

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Found a bug on the app. I have added new comics and deleted several from a particular collection. I had volumes 1 to 6, and deleted those to add 7 to 14. The collection page still shows 14 volumes on the labels, but the covers are only 7. Then I started reading vol7,but it was actually reading vol8. Everytime I open 7, it actually opens 8. If I go through all comics instead of collections,he'll open the correct volume. #bug

Just found the community and I believe it should be the best place to drop some questions and ask for some features. I wasn't pleased with any comic reader at the time and was just about to build one myself with a coder, but you guys seem to have everything I'm looking for so hope to see more developments on this soon.

Some feature requests, that I'm sure some have already been dropped here:
- A flip effect (which can be optional I think) like Play Books have. That's awesome and feels much more fluid than the current animation to turn pages;
- Automatically create a collection based on my numbered comics;
- Percentage read of the comic (not so important);

- Covers on "All Comics" can't breath and seem to be very busy all together;
- 1 tap on comic could give a quick overview to pages. (Check Play Books which does it perfectly);
- Statistics seems like a wonderful addition to have a beautifully crafted page with infographics.

- Some of my comics are showing a page of the comic as the cover, instead of it's own cover. Any clues on this?

Let me know if I can help you guys in any other way, since this has become my #1 reader now.
Keep up the great work.

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WOOL is back and with new large scale murals by Add Fuel, Bordalo II, MaisMenos, Mr. Dheo & Tamara Alves. Check the gallery inside.
#woolfest   #streetart   #graffiti  

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