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Joi Weaver
Artist, novelist, believer, space-obsessed geek.
Artist, novelist, believer, space-obsessed geek.

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You know you're in a good #NaNoWriMo group when you mention Ray Bradbury and everyone else squeals like fangirls (myself included, naturally!!) :)

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Want to go to something AMAZING? The legendary Benjamin Bagby will be performing Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon at Claremont McKenna this Thursday at 6:45 pm. The performance is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You really should go.

Blah. I feel guilty for skipping stuff at church because of too many kids and competent moms being around tonight. But I have enough irrational guilt in my head on my own right now, without adding the guilt of not being competent at running an adult life and not being the sort of person who likes hanging out with kids. goes into hermit mode

Sigh. My housemates are all adorable little slender women, who wear cute aprons and make tea and jam, and like little kids. I am oversized and clumsy, spend my nights practicing sword moves with a duct-taped stick, drink brandy, and am highly uncomfortable around most people under the age of 17. I think I fail at being a girl. headdesk

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I finally wrote something about being a "textrovert!" Here, go read, leave comments ripping my concept to shreds, whatever.

I'm beginning to believe that Google bought out Facebook secretly and has been running it into the ground just to drive people to Google+. That last set of changes is TERRIBLE.

+Allison Oh Now that you are gone, of course, my cat has turned into a raging purr monster. :D
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