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Blog Commenting:
You need to individually comment on three blog posts. Comments must be at least 25 words in length.
1. Comment on two of the posts about the Jewish faith/Holocaust.
2. Comment on one of the Holocaust victim posts as the person that you were in your blog post.

Holocaust Child Blog Post
Create a 100 (minimum) word blog post from the perspective of the person whose bio sheet you selected.
It needs to be written in 1st person and the post should have a title related to the contents of the post.
The post should be written as if your person were experiencing the Holocaust when they wrote the post.
You must create a drawing (on a sheet of computer paper) to accompany your blog post.
The drawing should be done as if your person had drawn it about the experience described in the blog post.
All drawings must be in colored pencil or crayon.

Blog Post Assignment:
Create a blog post with your partner about the topic that you drew.
The post must be at least 200 words.
You must find an appropriate corresponding picture/photo to go along with your post.
You must put all information into your own words.
You must provide source links at the bottom of you post.

Nonfiction Research Topics-Holocaust/Jewish Faith
1. Dr. Josef Mengele
2. Auschwitz/Birkwenau
3. Buna/Gleiwitz
4. Ghettos and Deportation 
5. Kaddish
6. Jewish Passover
7. Jewish Pentecost
8. Rosh Hashanah
9. Yom Kippur
10. Star of David
11. Talmud

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