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Charles Kent
Owner of De Montalt Wood B&B and some Business Web Sites
Owner of De Montalt Wood B&B and some Business Web Sites

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I Just made my first Slide Show. If you like Khachaturian’s Spartacus (The theme tune to The Onedin Line) synchronised to moody seascapes with scudding clouds and increasing waves, then this is for you.

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Letter to my Grandchild
I found this image on the net from a Daily Mail article about Haynes Publishing's "Dan Dare Pilot of the future - Space Fleet Operations Manual". There are many other excellent exploded technical drawing of space ships and stations.

I can trickle them out to my Grandson in Singapore who has developed a keen appetite for all things spacey. I think I have also found a perfect Christmas book for him.

Dear George
      When I was little boy no spaceship had ever been launched into space but we all new it would happen and Dan Dare was our comic hero who went  there  in our imaginations before the first space rocket.
      Here he is with his team. The Alien with the Green head is the “Mighty Mekon, super intelligent ruler of the Treens” an  evil genius bent on destroying earth but Dan Dare always stopped him.
     Lots of Love Grandpa.

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The Riddle of the mysterious mark

This mark appeared on the outside of an old double glazed window pane during the last 12 hours.

The straight horizontal lines are resultant from the build up of micro organisms probably feeding on the oily residue from the rollers in the manufacturing process  due to the  breaking down of the hermetic seal over  40 years.

The mystery is posed by the ghostly  blob with marks extending  left and right.

I know what caused it, because it has happened before. 

Do you?

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Europe In Flight

I could not resist posting this. Click on it to see the full detail. Makes me NOT want to be a flight controller.

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Up in the Air

I recently discovered the web site It shows in real time the air traffic around the globe. Click on any aircraft and get its details.

 I zoomed in to show my home town of Bath and the nearest airport Bristol.   I saw all the planes moving around me. I saw a plane take off and realised it was coming right towards Bath.  So I nipped outside and watch it fly past.

It was an EasyJet flying at 4,000 feet   climbing on its way to a romantic spot, with azure seas and pure white beaches.   I hope.

This one was showing Heathrow about 20 minutes ago.

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Seeing Stars

We have had some beautiful evenings lately, and +Steven Spence   and +Karen Peck   have stimulated a dormant hobby of scanning the night sky with binoculars. 

The seeing is not particularly good at De Montalt Wood and the Ophiucus area of the sky is one which has rather eluded me till now having few bright stars.

 But a pair of 8 x 50 binoculars revealed an attractive triangle (or tick if you include the 4th Star). In this ancient chart it can be seen immediately to the left of his left shoulder (as we look at it).  It occupies an area approximately the same as one square on the chart. This is about 6 degrees which is the same area that a typical pair of binoculars covers. 

I spent ages before I confirmed what  it was. When I did, I was disappointed that it had no name. Then,  Oh Serendipity!  – I found that not only had it got a name, but  it was an ancient constellation and it is still referred to on some charts by its old name +Taurus Poniatovii* or Poniatowski’s Bull.

Quit a nice result for my first foray.   

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Does this resonate with you?
Can't help thinking there is a profound truth waiting to be unleashed here. Thanks to +simon green for sharing it. Fascinating.
No trickery here, just pure physics
It's always amazed me how just the smallest changes in pitch/tone/note of sound has the ability to create amazingly intricate symetrical patterns.
Cymatic experiment

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Scilly Cow

Just back from 10 days sailing to the Scilly Isles a fascinating archipelago of five inhabited islands and numerous other small rocky islets (around 140 in total) lying 30 miles west  of Land's End, Cornwall.

Low lying and exposed to the ravages of the Atlantic ocean, they are not the sort place to visit in foul weather. But with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, they are a rural idyll in clement weather which is what we had.

The photograph is taken on the Isle of Trescoe with St Mary's on the far horizon.

#coastalthursday : +Coastal Thursday curated by +Jon Kahn +David Polzine

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The  Swinge Channel is the  last gauntlet to run before finding the safety of Braye harbour in Alderney. It is marked “Dangerous Overfalls ” on the chart. The harbour master told me that he has often warned sailors against leaving in certain conditions when the sea looks fine to them only to come to grief a mile further on the in the Swinge.

So when we approached it for the first time I was apprehensive. One moment nice gentle swells the next white breaking water bubbling up from below.   The waves do not travel normally, but are “Standing Waves” created by a powerful  tidal race  which encounter a steeply shallowing sea bottom forcing the water  upwards to boil over in chaotic motion.

In the end it turned out to be quite exhilarating as Moonflower was tossed around. It only lasted 15 minutes, the time taken to traverse the Swinge and regain calm water.

#CoastalThursday (+Coastal Thursday) curated by +David Polzine +Jon Kahn
#ThirstyThursdayPics curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra
#naturephotos +Nature Photos   (by +Robert SKREINER )

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Large wave off the port bow!

On our Guernsey  -  Alderney trip the wind stayed fresh and sea  got up. In the deeper water between the islands the waves grew further apart yet taller. One moment the horizon was 20 yards away, the next, as you rose up to the crest of the wave, you could almost see Alderney on horizon.

+Steven Spence this one has hardly been processed at all. Is it more to your taste?

#nauticalwednesday  +NauticalWednesday Curated by +Annelies Kroen +StPaul Herrmann +Dale Collins

 +Wet Wednesday  #wetwednesday  +Jen Baptist
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