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Beetroot - Cold Hands, Leukoaraiosis, Psychosis and Anxiety in Schizophrenia
Karimnagar, India, where Schizophrenic Rats respond well to Beetroot Juice If you are not old enough to be interested in dementia, skip through those parts of this post and read about schizophrenic mice and beetroot juice. There have been earlier posts rega...

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Variable Expression of GABRA5 and Activation of α5 -  a Modifier of Cognitive Function in Autism?
Today’s post
sounds complicated. We actually already know that the gene GABRA5, and hence the
alpha 5 sub-unit of GABA A receptors, can affect cognition, but we do
not know for sure in whom it is relevant. Most readers
of this blog are lay people, as such w...

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OAT3 inhibitors for Bumetanide - Probenecid, but also Aspirin, Chlorogenic acid (Coffee), Epicatechin (Cocoa, Cinnamon) and more.
Today’s post is about OAT3, highlighted by the green lines. The interventions reduce renal excretion and raise plasma concentration rather than directly improving transport across the BBB Today’s post is a collaboration. Our reader Ling pointed out research...

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Treated ID and CBS/DYRK1A in Autism and Down Syndrome
One of the most interesting concepts I
have come across writing this blog is the idea of treating people with mental
retardation (MR) / intellectual disability (ID). I do keep using the term MR,
because 90% of the world has no idea what ID means. MR is a ve...

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Unstable Blood Flow in Autistic Brains?
Source: Today’s post is complicated, but may be of interest to those people interested in Nitric Oxide therapies (Agmatine, Cocoa Flavanols, Beetroot, Taurine, Citrull...

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Nitric Oxide (NO), Arginase and Endothelial Dysfunction in Autism
Endothelial dysfunction is not something people associate with autism. It is something I have covered previously in this blog and if you search on Google my post is about all you will find. Endothelial dysfunction is acknowledged to be very important in dia...

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Back to School (again)
September passes and another school year is underway. For Monty, aged 14 with
ASD, he moved up to the secondary/high school building with his 12 year old
classmates.   He has attended the same
small international school for
ten years. The

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Sodium Benzoate and GABRA5
I am still looking for additional cognitive enhancing autism therapies. It
seems the best way to find them may actually be to reread my own blog. A long time ago I suggested that Cinnamon could well be therapeutic in
autism, most likely (but not entirely) d...

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Making Sense of Abnormal EEGs in Autism
There is no
medical consensus about what to do with people who have subclinical
epileptiform discharges (SEDs) on their EEG. That is people who do not have
seizures but have an abnormal EEG. There is evidence to support the use of
anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs...

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Hypoperfusion in Autism Revisited
One old post from this blog has been going viral recently (3,000 views in one day, via Facebook) and it is quite relevant to a debate that has been going on in the comments about the potential merits and mechanisms of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Two c...
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