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Natural High Altitude Relief
Natural High Altitude Relief

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Have family coming into town from lower elevations? Or are you traveling up into the Rockies for some fresh powder snow adventures? Ahhh...the challenges of Altitude! Never fear. Get Altigen™ at YAO. Altigen™ is our high altitude herbal formula:

Your body can take days to adapt to high altitude, resulting in lingering exhaustion, headache and irritation. Altigen™ works quickly to strengthen the body’s ability to handle high altitude activity. The adaptogenic herbs, American ginseng and rhodiola, are known in Chinese medicine to help the body effectively recover from stress (induced by exercise or activities at altitude) by binding oxygen to iron more efficiently, keeping the blood oxygenated.

Come down to YAO Clinic (1305 S. Washington Street, Denver, CO) and grab some Altigen™ for the family...OR order online at:

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