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geeky jazz/folk singer/songwriter


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This song is inspired by Agatha Crane, one of the possible investigators you can play in the second edition board game called Mansions of Madness. It's a great cooperative game not unlike Zombicide in which you play investigators trying stop an Eldritch Horror from happening. It's tough to save the world from Cthulhu, and we have failed many times. You download an app with the game that takes on the role of the referee/game master. We adore this game published by Fantasy Flight Games, and have now bought all the expansions for it. They need to make more! Alas, they don't seem to be supporting it anymore. Picture me making a sad face.

(Yes, I quote a bit of "My Bonnie lies one the ocean" at the end of choruses.)

This photo of me was taken by Ryan Nutick of Tanuki Photography in 2013 at that year's Conflikt. I have cropped it slightly, Ryan. (Please forgive.)

Agatha Crane
Copyright 2017 by Mary Crowell

Agatha Crane is going insane
As she wanders a mansion of madness.
The kitchen walls bleed, and all the halls lead
To a dimension of horror and sadness.

She sometimes gets scared as she wanders the lair
Of an eccentric who's living in Innsmouth.
As a mob outside swarms, our lady informs
"We'll need daggers to chop off their fins with."

Agatha is brave and wise until she hears the Eldritch cries
Of cultists. How the Dagon priest chants of deep ones now released!
Or Shoggoth wanders from the sea and warbles Tekelili-li.
Oh bring back, bring back, bring back Cthulhu to me to me
Oh pour Miss Crane a pot of tea.

The butler on staff gives a terrified laugh
Before blithely removing his eyeballs.
Singing begins, making worldly veils thin.
No fences will save them or high walls.


Reprise first verse

Agatha Crane is wracking her brain
To turn all her horror to clues.
She'll play it by ear and conquer her fear
And pray that her mind will not unglue.

Oh bring back, bring back, bring back Cthulhu to me to me
Oh pour Miss Crane a pot of
Oh pour Miss Crane a pot of
Oh pour Miss Crane a pot of tea.

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Blog Entry Preview:

Hello Folks!

I am accepting new piano students this Fall as so many people start back to school after a lovely long summer break. It’s a wonderful time to learn something new–like piano! Or how to play clarinet, or perhaps the ins and outs of songwriting. Today I have been completing my profile on As part of that, they have given me a little badge to put on my website.

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Play It With Moxie is having a FIRE SALE at CDBaby. We are selling physical copies of our jazzy live album, Play It With Moxie, Live! for only $10 plus shipping. Buy more than one copy and get a %10 discount. Your Christmas shopping could be done ridiculously early even by Tim Burton standards.

They will recycle excess copies of our CD in September. Have you ever heard those discs scream as they die? (Me neither, but I'm sure it's horrible.)

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"I'm a Little Bee" Album Photography by Lauren Mitchell (Photo taken at the Melbourne Zoo) Thank you, Lauren for letting me use your gorgeous photo as album art!
Patrons here already have access to an mp3 of "I'm a Little Bee" but you can also listen to a streaming version of it on Soundcloud (linked above). Also, every patron who pledged their support during June or before received download codes to my first year of Patreon at Patrons have access to this music anyway by scrolling back to earlier posts, but uploading it at band camp gives you your choice of download format and also split up the two 2015 concerts into individual tracks for better digestion. (lol!) This album is also available for purchase at the aforementioned link for the general public.

"I'm a Little Bee" is a short jazzy little song based on a dream I had once that there was this matrix-y honeycomb made of light with each little hexagon in the honeycomb being a consciousness that mingled freely as it desired with the other consciousnesses.

And being alive was a bit like going in search of nectar to bring it back to the hive mind.

This was recorded in Logic Pro X at my home studio.

I’m a Little Bee
Copyright 2017 by Mary Crowell

I’m a little bee in a honeycomb of light,
A honeycomb of light, my dance is such a sight.
A honeycomb’s the place for a little bee like me
Little bee like me. It’s just the place to be.

Buzza buzza buzza buzza buzza buzz buzz. [X2]

We bees communicate with a buzzy little dance,
Insightful little dance, no meaning left to chance.
We bees don’t have a queen in this bee analogy,
Bee analogy, but it seems to work for me.

The other bees can smell all the things I want to tell,
And we fan each other well when it gets hot.
Our glowing little hive’s feeling full of light—alive!
How we buzz and dance and thrive on honeyhoneyhoney we have got.

I might become a bee, when I die or go to sleep,
Die or go to sleep, in nectar I go deep.
I go into the worldly world and see what I can see,
See what I can see, And fly back to the tree.
[Reprise First Verse and buzz your way out of the song.]

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Art by Kevin Mason of Jack Monkey Games!

Hi all,
Kevin Mason, Artist and Game Creator, spinner of amazing tales, and much much more from Sydney, New South Wales has just made some art for me based on a photograph taken by Ryan Nutick of Tanuki photography back in 2013.

Check out Kevin's website here:

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If you join my Patreon Page in June 2017, I will give you a download code for my Patreon Year One album.

The album has 32 tracks (29 public and 3 bonus), and is chock full of the goodness my Patrons supported from May 2015 to May 2016. Twenty two of the tracks come from my MARCON 2015 concert with Amy McNally and my Confluence 2015 concert with Brooke Abbey.

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