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Paul Niwa
Journalism professor, media researcher
Journalism professor, media researcher

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Microsoft and GM offer their vision for a mobile future. Maybe they're not as irrelevant as you think.
My only concern - In the Microsoft future, Asians are the only people smart enough to look at graphs, Whites goof around but run everything, the lone Black man does menial labor and there are no Hispanics. Oh, and Black women must have been wiped out by the same accident that killed off all of my brown friends.

Have you ever wondered how a craft becomes art? The documentary "Between the Fold" captures Origami in the midst of an evolution from a complex technical skill to an expression of emotion and simplicity. Catch it online on Netflix.

Let's go Yankees. The rally monkey needs you!

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I finished the Star Trek Voyager series on Netflix last night. Are there any female roles in this TV season as principled, reasonable and compassionate as Katheryn Janeway? Since Voyager returned home, how many realistic, aspirational characters has Hollywood given young women?

For the most part, my iOS5 test has worked well. But, iCloud needs lots of work. It's not a sync service, it's a download service. So, it's hard to keep files up-to-date between iPad and Mac. iTunes Match is slower to get up and running than Google Music, and again, it's a download service, not a music streaming service. But, the ability to sync the iPad and Mac over a wifi network is awesome! We're one inch closer to cutting the cord.

I'm doing my best to forget 9/11. I don't want to live through it again.

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It's been on the net for a month - But, OK Go and Google have delivered the most entertaining demonstration of the power of HTML5.

Be sure to type your own short message before watching the video.

My iOS 5 Beta 7 update over wifi was flawless on iPad 2, albeit slow. iPad without frequent syncing with iTunes means iPad can stand by itself without the need of a Mac or PC.

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Apple's iOS 5 looks great. I loaded beta 6 and iTunes Match yesterday. The new split keyboard for iPad makes typing a little more bearable. The reminders app is a fantastic way to keep track of stuff to do. But, the Notifications need lots of work. It's still not as good as Android. Good news - most of the iOS 4.3 apps work flawlessly. Look forward to seeing iOS 5 go public in October.
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