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By adding the word model to the title, I knew that would get your attention. I really meant to say, how to find someone willing to allow me to photograph them so I can work on a new style or learn about lighting. But that title was way too long and really, most photographers like the term model. It conjures up images of drop dead, beautiful runway females. So, how do we find subjects to work with?


Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can use family, friends, co-workers or people you meet everyday. Approach them and be up front. Tell them you are working on a new style and you are experimenting. They can keep the best images when you are done. This style of shoot is just for practice. You may or may not get great images. Try to take a few “safe” shots. Safe shots are traditional head and shoulder images that, when all else fails, you have at least a few good photos to give them. Depending on how much experimenting you are working on, a family member may not be your best choice. You as the photographer must have patience and sometimes working with a family member you lose it. Always have fun with who you shoot, otherwise it will show in the final image.
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