The Pic Her Campaign - Pic YOUR Sexy -
Can You Help Keep BackAlleyPics Online and Find Our Next Sexy at the Same Time?
It is that time of year again. Nope. Not Christmas time. It is time to pay the piper AKA pay BackAlleyPics' Server Bill and Domain Name Renewal's. Generally I just pick up the annual cost and keep on building the sites. Well it happens that this year I simply can't afford it and frankly even if I could, should I? This years revenue from advertising on either site didn't even come close to it {Your Ad Blockers come to mind} but the time that I spend on the sites is comparable to a full time job so...
I came up with a {sort of} interesting fundraising event. The premise being pretty simple. The top three donors to BackAlleyPics Plight get to pic the next three {to five} ladies collections added to the sites... with a twisted kind of challenge bonus. If the Top Three Donors can pic a sexier ladies' collection than one of the Five Sexiest Collections on they can actually pic 2 of the next Ladies Collections added. This is just a fun way of me asking for help and you sort of getting a reward. I am not asking for more than three, five, maybe ten buck donations max? You can check out the whole premise of The Pic Her Campaign at
*By the way, none of these chicks pics that I posted have collections on either site. They are just a few suggestions for The Pic Her Campaign.
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