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The Sexiest High Quality Female Celebrity Pic Collections
The Sexiest High Quality Female Celebrity Pic Collections

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BackAlleyPics Update - March 12 2017
Ryan Starr
Added Sets = 37 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 15 / Added Event Pics = 317
Added Sets = 07 / Added Total Pics = 244 / Added Skin Pics = 00
Flor Bermudez -
Added Sets = 2 / Added Total Pics = 384 / Added Skin Pics = 383
Here is the last Lingerie Lady Post and a bonus Skin add. Nothing all that exciting in Ryan Starr's collection. She is both boring and not very good looking and I really didn't try all that hard when it came to her pics because, well, she is boring and not very good looking. Great legs though. As for Flor Bermudez? How the hell that collection actually exists is beyond me? I managed to scrape something together for her so I guess that is all that counts, even if it is only material. Those are the best pics anyway.
I also got the rest of the reprogrammed and Lingerie Bowl 2.0 is now live. I hope you like the improvements. I worked my ass on this thing. Kind of a waste of time in the bigger scheme of things but when I do something I have this annoying tendency of seeing it all the way through and The Lingerie Bowl is as complete as I can get it. Bottom line is adding sexy pics and there are no shortage of those. You can check out the Home Page for more info. Enjoy!
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BackAlleyPics Update - March 7 2017
Tamie Sheffield -
Added Sets = 68 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 36 / Added Event Pics = 689 &
Added Sets = 5 / Added Total Pics = 1899 / Added Skin Pics = 1426
And at long last this whole Lingerie Bowl update is finally winding down. Here is the second to last of the Lingerie Bowl Ladies' collections. Although those numbers above are impressive don't let them fool ya. Most of her collection is low quality and those Skin numbers are all video captures. On the low quality sets follow the high quality ones in her post list. I skipped a ton of the pic sets on If you are looking to get all of her pics download everything from and only her pics from and that should net all of her pics. You can find a more detailed explanation of her update on the Home Page. Enjoy! 
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BackAlleyPics Update - February 20 2017
Lana Kinnear
Added Sets = 6 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 145 / Added Event Pics = 58 &
Added Sets = 4 / Added Total Pics = 758 / Added Skin Pics = 457
Leyla Milani -
Added Sets = 7 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 737 / Added Event Pics = 61
Added Sets = 2 / Added Total Pics = 48 / Added Skin Pics = 40
Finally got the Top 25 Posts page sorted. I mean that pun literally. I finally got around to programming it so it is now actually only 25 of the most recent sexiest posts instead of thirty-something going on 40. I also finally got the new Lingerie Bowl Gallery Page at programmed and wired into the database. I would like to think that it is definitely a mass improvement and a lot more imformative and user friendly.
I guess I should also mention that I added two more Lingerie Bowl chicks that you have never heard of. The stats are above and some sample pics are over there. Lana Kinnear's collection is pretty limited on and Leyla Milani's collection is pretty limited on quality on either site. Four more Lingerie Bowl Ladies left. You can read a lot more about these upgrades and updates on the Home Page. 
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BackAlleyPics Update - February 15 2017
- Cora Skinner -
Added Sets = 7 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 737 / Added Event Pics = 61
Added Sets = 4 / Added Total Pics = 1022 / Added Skin Pics = 00
- Jennifer Cantrell & -
Added Sets = 2 / Added Total Pics = 48 / Added Skin Pics = 40
If you are looking to download all of Cora Skinner's pics I would suggest that you download all of her photoshoot pics from seeing that she is/was{?} a lingerie model and there are a lot of her lingerie pics that aren't allowed on She isn't on because I don't think she has ever done a real nude photoshoot? I looked all over and never came up with any nudes of her but a lot of her pics that I would consider rated PG-13 Google considers adult content such as thongs and G-strings, tits covered by hands, bare asses, ect... Come on now, you see that on regular network television {yep, even in the puritan United States where we will show decapitation over a pair of tits}? Hence the reason Google Images now sucks. It is what it is and that is the reason for the ying and the yang of BackAlleyPics. Point being, I skipped a lot of her lingerie pics on
As for Jennifer Cantrell? I didn't even bother with her on because I wasn't going to spend the time on posting 8 Lingerie Bowl pics when you can get them from while you are looking at her Skin Collection. Obviously that was all this chick was good for because the internet doesn't even know how old she is or where she was born. Now that is going incognito... or probably just being a Hollywood epic fail?
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BackAlleyPics Update - February 9 2017

Trishelle Cannatella
Added Sets = 7 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 17 / Added Event Pics = 59 &
Added Sets = 05 / Added Total Pics = 83 / Added Skin Pics = 14

- Christy Hemme -
Added Sets = 7 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 577 / Added Event Pics = 39 & -
Added Sets = 05 / Added Total Pics = 793 / Added Skin Pics = 28

Here are a couple more Lingerie Bowl chicks' collections. They are two of the smaller ones so I just added them both simultaneously. There are a little over 800 new pics and about thirty new pics on The collections are pretty small because let's face it these chicks have been washed up for more than a few years now and Hollywood has moved on but maybe on the off chance some out there some still cares here is probably all of the decent quality pics of either of these chicks that you will ever find. I spent more time than I would actually like to admit cleaning Christy Hemme's photoshoot collection so if you like clean pics {without tags or text} and you some how know who she is and have her in your collection her collection maybe worth a look. As for Trishelle Cannatella? Check out her Skin Collection and just move on. Enjoy the pics!
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- BackAlleyPics Update - February 3 2017
- Jenny McCarthy
Added Sets = 102 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 520 / Added Event Pics = 2759 & -
Added Sets = 12 / Added Total Pics = 3737 / Added Skin Pics = 811
Oops. I have a bad habit of forgetting to write something here when I do an update {this collection was actually added Jan. 19} but this time it wasn't just here. I even forgot to add the to the .com home page as well. Some times real life will do that but better late than never {again} so here is the update. Either you like this chick or not but she is probably one of the only chicks that actually attended the Lingerie Bowl that has a {sort of career} and that you have probably ever really heard of. I dreaded this collection because I knew that it was going to be big and time consuming but now it is done.
If you are a big Jenny McCarthy fan {I don't understand, but to each his own} and want the full collection, download all the pics her pics from and and download everything else from except her photoshoots. Should be about 4000 pics {Windows isn't real accurate when counting pics in a bunch of different folders}? Enjoy!
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- BackAlleyPics Update - January 2 2017
- Cindy Margolis
Added Sets = 58 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 227 / Added Event Pics = 825 &
Added Sets = 9 / Added Pics = 1130 / Added Skin Pics = 167
- Amber Smith -
Added Sets = 9 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 120 / Added Event Pics = 60 &
Added Sets = 7 / Added Pics = 2034 / Added Skin Pics = 1818
Happy New Year! And yep I am still bringing ya old shit from back in the day. It will end soon I promise. A two month BackAlleyPics hiatus while I did a pretty massive kitchen remodel didn't help the cause but I have to pay my bills some how? The Cindy Margolis update is actually from about a week ago but I forgot to add it here when I did it {damn holidays} so I guess better late than never. There is no shortage of skin in this update {in Amber's case} or shortage of cleavage {in Cindy's case}. Enjoy!
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- Katie Lohmann -
Added Sets = 77 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 205 / Added Event Pics = 746
Guess what? I don't have any programming notes to bring you in this update. That must mean that I am finally finished with all the programming that I need to do and am on to working exclusively on chicks collections right? I wish. Actually I have some pretty pressing programming that I need to be working on {like fixing this } but I punted on that, again, to bring you this collection which actually wasn't that pressing because you can see A LOT of Katie Lohmann at but as I am a completionist and I skip images that don't fit into the tag system over there - - and only put them on I am posting her complete collection of Event Pics because that is just how BackAlleyPics works.
Of course she is one of the players that was in the 2006 Lingerie Bowl - -. Obviously her collection on is a lot more interesting than this update but I have to post all of this information about her images somewhere right? So there ya go, a complete collection. Of course you can read more about her on the home page. Enjoy her collections!
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- Update - October 20 2016
- Alana Curry -
Added Sets = 54 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 101 / Added Event Pics = 524
Here is a new collection to both sites. This is another hot chick that you never knew existed that had something or other to do with that worthless event called The Lingerie Bowl III back in 2006. If you have been keeping up then you will know why I added this collection and if not you can read more about it at the home page or at the page.
Brief recap is that I have a little subsite on called, yep, you guessed it, "The Lingerie Bowl" and those are the last pages that I have to mobilize so I am going through and throwing up all of the pics that I have on my hard drive while I am doing them, mostly due to the fact that most of these chicks have gotten naked in one capacity or another and I figured I would share those pics because "The Only Good Actress is a Nude Actress". One small caveat is that most of these chicks wish they could actually be called an actress and you probably have no idea who any of them are?
Which brings us to Alana Curry whose most notable role is probably in "2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams" if that says anything? Told ya, wish they were actresses. Unfortunately she is one of the few chicks in The Lingerie Bowl that has really never gotten naked. She has a few pics in her collection that are a little to racy to post on {I guess? Google will probably bitch about them at least} but other than that this is a pretty tame collection compared to lets say another of the Lingerie Bowl ladies, Katie Lohmann @ whose has done enough clothes shedding for both of them. Over 2200 pretty great pics in her skin collection.
And of course the other update is the new "image page" that you can now find in either or Alana Curry's collection on either site. You can now view all of the images from the image page itself instead of having to go back to the gallery page and the "back to post" button is no longer just a javascript browser back button. One of these days all collections on the .net and all collections on will have that set up. More on that at a later date. Enjoy the pics!
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- Update - October 14 2016
- Adrianne Curry -
Added Sets = 42 / Added Photoshoot Pics = 113 / Added Event Pics = 654
As promised yesterday here is another update, this time with an actual collection and pictures. This is an experimental collection. I am testing out the new dynamic page creation and obviously I needed a live version so here is Adrianne Curry. The next few collections added to are going to be ladies from the Lingerie Bowl post over on, { }. Those are the last pages I have left to create mobile versions of and most of those ladies have shed their clothing in some capacity or another so I figured why not add them to while I was working on the Lingerie Bowl pages hence them getting added to Obviously if you want to see the collection of her pics without clothing they are at e.g.
Generally this spot is reserved for information about the Ladies' collection that I added but for the next few updates it is going to more about programming notes until I get all the bugs worked out of the new system on In essence I am rolling my own CMS {Content Management System, think Wordpress} so I appreciate you bearing with me in the meantime. I promise all of this programming bullshit will be out of the way soon and I will be focusing solely on collections.
And speaking of that, the whole purpose of this is to add collections as quickly as humanly {or programically} possible and get through that whole list on the home page while also updating those collections on in tandem. Soon I will only be posting updates here for both sites simultaneously and it will only be ABOUT THE PICS. Really soon.
Pay close attention to the "image page" in Adrianne's collection as that is what my main focus is on now and basically the last step of the algorithm that I have been writing for the last two weeks. Yes, I may not be adding pics to the sites but I am always working on them in the background. A little more reading on my Frankenstein{s} can be found here: Big thanks to them for pointing me in the right direction. The new "image page" is going to be a lot more user friendly and not so "dead endish". It is not quite where I want it yet but it is close so I figured I would share it because as it sits, it is still better than it used to be. When I finish it, you will be the first to know. I will be back shortly with another collection and hopefully a completed "image page"?!
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