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Writing the original text is hard work, usually accompanied by disturbing doubts: can I create something interesting? how to get started? what to write about? How to complete the text? The writer, naturally, would like to know the available and unequivocal answers to these burning questions. But there are no definite answers. There are only various methods of creating a creatively written text (essay), and everyone is free to choose which way suits him best.
Despite the fact that there are different ways of writing an essay, and working on each genre requires its own approach, there are still some universal stages and rules for creating a text, the knowledge of which greatly facilitates the creative process.

It is known that the composition of some genres of a work, especially creative ones, presupposes freedom (the presence of the internal logic of the presentation of the material, associative links between the parts, lack arguments), however, upon closer examination, any text can be distinguished (somewhere, in any case, within the meaning of) three main parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion.
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