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Study Abroad Counselling
This site is about helping students in choosing the right destination and course for their higher education abroad. Counselling will be done free of charge!!!
This site is about helping students in choosing the right destination and course for their higher education abroad. Counselling will be done free of charge!!!

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Frequently asked questions about Masters in Automotive Software Engineering
In this blog post I am covering some basic questions am getting again
and again from students who are applying for masters in ASE/ICS/Embedded
System. This is part one of this blog post since I might do another cover up post if
questions asked get a bit mor...

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Best Country To Work and Settle In Europe
I am almost finished with my masters and have few job offers. I did a lot of research when I started applying for jobs and found out many things and realized many mistakes I did but also many opportunities which is open out there where I can work and earn a...

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How To Get A Job In Canada
The most important goal after completing
the Masters degree would be to have a job offer in hand for financial and quick
growth in career. In this post i would be explaining various factors that
influence and are needed to be taken into account before apply...

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Tips to secure an internship/thesis in germany
When it comes to applying for internship and thesis in Germany specially in the field of engineering , the choices are limitless. Germany according to me is the land of Engineering ( except USA which is on top when it comes to computer science and IT jobs)....

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Student Review studying Computer Engineering at Concordia Universtiy
Vignesh is studying his masters in Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He started his masters in 2013 and is going to finish it this year. He already got a job as a full time employee at a reputed company in York and is already looking forward to ...

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Internship/Thesis - University or Company
I started my masters in October 2013 and it is about time that I am done with it. It's been a long yet wonderful journey and definitely has changed me as a person for a greater good. I have become more confident, self reliant and most importantly I have lea...

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Study abroad- Top 5 thing to focus on before you apply
If you dream to have a well
rounded- life and a commendable career track, then studying abroad should be a
part and parcel of your life goals. Living abroad will expand your life
experience in such a way that you will be definitely enriched by it. It is not...

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Studying abroad is something that most of
us aspire to do. As students, we wish that somehow the opportunity to go abroad
is bestowed upon us. But because of the budget constraints we keep that dream
aside and look for options in our own country. Now, you r...

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How to make admission essay for studying abroad?
Education sector is built upon different writing assignments. While students plan to study abroad essay is one of the major components of their application process. Sometimes essay becomes the most important part of the whole application irrespective of the...

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Journey towards a master’s degree- starting from the time you have decided till you have reached your dream city
abroad is never easy. But the most difficult part is making up your mind and
just going for it. The process from the moment you decide and the moment when
you land in a foreign city is the most difficult phase of your life and the
immense satisfact...
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