I thought I would do a short review of the Fitbit Charge HR from my own experience over the last two years. I have been wearing it now day and night and although it is starting to show obvious signs of wear and tear, see photos, it's still working as well as ever. I am a decorator and occasionally work on some pretty messy sites, sometimes coming home covered head to toe in dust, the poor Fitbit is in a right state but a quick rinse under the tap and a brush around the charging port and it keeps on going. When I first had the watch and tried it on for the first time I thought it was a bit too cheap and plastic for long term use and I gave it about 6 months before I would need to replace it, so you can imagine how pleased and surprised I am that it is still going strong. The screen is very scratched but I can easily read it to check the time and date, if I'm up a ladder and the phone rings I can glance at the screen and see who's calling without needing to come down. I have two years of data on my sleep patterns, heart rate, which is important to me as I am in my 50s, general activity and weight, as I also have the scales that pair to the app. Although the battery doesn't last quite as long between charges, around 3-4 days compared to 4-5 when it was new, which for me is fine, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for something small, lightweight and reliable, with a good range of functions and a well designed app then this is the watch for you.
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