Just before I started to make today's #FollowFriday , news of the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys reached me. So here's today's G+ #FF list.

Friends that I've talked to about music at some length at some point:
+Bryant Seaton +Marcus Montgomery +Sylvain Dubrofsky +Michael Krehan +Christopher Rakowsky +Jeff Junio +John Diaz +Danny Bulla +frank silas +Anthony Gowland

Random Circle Search for "Beastie": +edwin rosell +Jason Risner +Cliff Baldridge +Timothy Hartkorn +Richard Brown +mendel lee +Bobbi Jo Woods +Líz Eberhardt

And here's Sabrosa performed live. This song made me think of the Beastie Boys in an entirely new light.
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