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Makes me think of Beavis & Butthead: "I need TP for my Bunghole". How about that Prep stuff you have to drink, yuckkkkky and I am 39 so I feel you guys. Good Job with the his and hers stuff. And you really shouldn't talk about Cameras in the butt and Sexting in the same comment, lol.
Woody i NEED HELP im only 13 and i was at this party and i saw this girl i liked her and i think she liked me , we started talking. i drank to make myself look cool i dont really remember the night but i woke up in the party house with her in the bed SHE keeps texting me wat do i do i still cant look her in the eye p.s
plz answer i dose not need to be on mail Monday plz reply
dear woody i need help im in love with my best friend shes and girl and im a guy btw and she seems to always as a boyfriend but im not much of a player i told her how i feel about her and that just made things weird i need help and i would appreciated mail Monday because im not on here that much  also i understand if you don't get to me i know your very busy  but thanks for your time
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