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I find the range proficiency to be very useful with silenced SMGs. Anyone else?
I don't find rapid fire helpful on the SMGs thus far. They are viable on their own.
Woody i NEED HELP im only 13 and i was at this party and i saw this girl i liked her and i think she liked me , we started talking. i drank to make myself look cool i dont really remember the night but i woke up in the party house with her in the bed SHE keeps texting me wat do i do i still cant look her in the eye p.s
plz answer i dose not need to be on mail Monday plz reply
Woody I need your help. I am 13 and I am a boy. My friends are all starting to drink and get drunk. I dont want to. I like to hang out with them but I just cant any more. they are also talking about getting some weed and chewing tobacco now. some of them do crazy shit. one kid tried to stap another with a pocket knife. What do i do?
to tom glynn,
its easy you just stop hanging with them and tell the cops what they are doing. For gods shake you should be able to have the morals that say to keep away from them

even if you dont go to the cops tell someone
Oh :( I feel had for you Tom glynn
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