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Women Care Group101 Nonprofit
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Dear Google+ friends we bring you greetings from Wcgorg Nonprofit.We have been going through challenges for a while now on getting donations and support to carry out our mission to serve the poor, we are asking you to consider our request and at least help us share our links and if possible volunteer to help us meet our objectives and goals, remember this challenge is for the benefit of very poor deprived women and children who urgently need assistance in education and otherwise, indeed this task is not an easy task at all, however it gives one the utmost feelings of satisfaction and great pride to be a part of someones dream to become a doctor,nurse,teacher etc.. most of the children are really smart some of them wishes to grow up and become teachers so they can also impact in their communities .Thank you as you read this and God bless..
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hii..women care group
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Women Care Group101 Nonprofit.We are Nonprofit fighting for women rights by empowering women, through skill training , adult education,job and micro-loans.

Major areas which we hope to contribute to support these individuals are as follows:

We are raising funds to enable us provide lands for local farmers , seeds for planting, safe water for drinking, free medical facilities, free medication, financial support through entrepreneur lending program, free education for orphans and very poor kids, all this can be provided for, through your kind contributions and donation. We are now a proud partner of IIMAC Nonprofi You can start by becoming a volunteer..
visit our site at
Thank you from WCG101 Team..
IIMAC is a not-for-profit, non-government, development organisation with a focus on helping Illegal immigrant women with their siblings.
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IT is time to share these rich life changing experiences with the world
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We empower poor women to become self sustained and teach orphans , and help to fight against mordern day slavery .Get Involved!
The WCG101 is a charity organization, we empower women by combating hunger in the world, by helping to provide medical aid for the sick, helping to campaign for modern day slavery, empowering old and young women to sustain themselves through skill training and job provisions including feeding the poor, Clothing the poor and also providing free education for children. We are a proud partner of IIMAC Nonprofit, we work together to provide care and aid to the poor worldwide.
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