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Fringeville #160: That’s no Moon…
Today begins a six-day stretch which pretty much determines
how at the very least the rest of my spring will go. Things should begin
slowly, with a long-scheduled routine doctor’s appointment later today. I
expect (and should) be hammered for still carrying...

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James O'Meara commented on a post on Blogger. installment features flames...and it's not a flambe.

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Fringeville #159: The Toasted Chef-Stuffed Pizza
In an effort to double my readership to 4 people, I am adding a feature. I have to admit, regular features are something I look forward to on other blogsites (The Yonk is a master at this). I don't have the discipline to have a feature tied to a hard schedu...

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Fringeville #158: Stella, you bitch. Just leave.
Stella is in the rear view (from those of us lucky enough to find our cars) but not gone. Sure, on April 22nd when I am sitting in Beaver Stadium roasting on a hot spring day Stella will be just a memory. She'll be remembered like a bad-ass girlfriend who t...

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Fringeville #157: So long, Stella. Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya!
So we finally got the big one. And it was pretty much the promised pain in the posterior. I spend the whole day moving snow. The only time I fell was trying to get back to the shed to fetch the snow thrower, a Craftsman, which performed magnificently despit...

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Fringeville #156: My Friday To-Do List vs. My Friday Realities
I have a very short list of things I want to accomplish
today. Just five, actually. Get a
handle on my chronic procrastination. Secure an
oncologist. Finish
cleaning off my work desk so it can resume being the dining room table the good
Lord intended it to ...

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Fringeville #155: Ramblings
I may have inadvertently committed involuntary rodentslaughter. My wife found a mouse/mole/whothehellknowswhatitis floating
in a garbage can outside the house. I don’t know the little peckerwood got in
there, but it was a one-way trip. The theory is the dum...

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Fringeville #154: Russian Hacks, Barbed Wire and Tornadoes
I have decided to run for a 2-year seat on the Plains
Township Board of Commissioners. For a number of reasons, the 2-year seat works
best for me. Almost as soon as I started circulating my petition, Fringeville
had an uptick in hits from Russia. Let me be ...

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Fringeville #153: Wings and Things (for the umpteenth time)
Lucille wants your wings, Jimbo I used a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card for wings last night. The
gift card has been sitting in my wallet around two years. I am terrible using
gift cards. I love getting them, but once I get them they vanish down my
long-term ...

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Fringeville #152: Zombies are back. DND
Let’s keep this simple, and no one gets hurt: The Walking Dead returns tonight. Don’t call. Don’t write. Don’t knock on the door. This is
my one remaining guilty pleasure. (Editor’s note: It is the only remaining guilty
pleasure he will admit to. Big differ...
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