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Active. Eager. Can I play offense?
Active. Eager. Can I play offense?
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Check out my travel photography here!

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The 'revolution' is waiting for us... it cannot happen until we, all the suppressed people, stand up together!
Millions must not only realize they are being suppressed, but must also accept the fact that they have been lied to, poisoned & manipulated in all ways.

The sun rises so suddenly. It’s so cold, so dark, and then a glimmer comes through… before you know it the whole fire ball is blazing in the sky staring back at you… blinding you from afar. 

Yoga is more than medicine! It’s a mind body soul transformation. It’s the oldest and newest type of technology all at the same time. It’s simple and elegant, yet complex and blunt. The mastery of yoga is truly liberation at its finest. 

To have a job that produces some kind of product or service in exchange for money or trade within a social discourse is kind of a game. The game being extremely messy and dangerous. You see, even on a farm, even on an all vegan farm, one free of GMO seeds, harmful pesticides and fertilizers, even on a farm that practices fair trade legitimately, there is murder of mass ecosystems occurring. Paying into the system of polices that lay out the rules of capitalism, aka people keeping a job, is indirectly funding the same politics that are and have been responsible for generating war on Earth and preventing research here too.  
So is there any way out? Is there any ethical work? 

Almost all jobs can be tied back to taxes for some country. All the currencies from all over the world = blood money. We are all parts of a mad machine, and no job or any amount of money will set you free from the association of evil. So we must create new jobs! Strive to know righteousness. Seek all of our days to become more pure and to create a better system of work. The diesel trucks, the stay at home moms, and the office jobs are all interconnected. Every part needs a complete transformation, and even when all the blood is scrubbed off all the money, the history of how the new system came to be must be taught and always taught based on facts and truth. 

Have others pondered what I'm saying? Of course, surely I am not the first person to think of such a thought. So who has and what have they done with this vicious catch-22? Some of them can be identified by current job status, for example, monks, priests, rabbis, nuns, and the homeless that are truly self-sustained. These people have chosen to isolate themselves from the normal routines and lifestyles of society; some more extreme than others, most living with very little, all cut off from association of society, for the most part, but usually not completely, especially hyper religious beings.
My friend mentioned he thinks people that chose such extreme lifestyles are choosing not to 'play life'. They’re coping out. Although harsh, he’s right, right!? 
These people aren’t playing the traditional games, but they are still playing life… right?
These people aren't paying taxes, they aren’t helping build transportation that is dependent on big oil, or weapons of mass defense against terrorists… but they are building schools and villages that are independent and environmentally friendly…. 
Wait a minute…?!?! ... 

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Alcohol… What It Really Is
It’s really not entertainment… that excuse is the disguise alcoholism creeps in and hides under. Alcohol is really not healthy… that’s an excuse too. It’s not fun when you have to have it to be fun… and it definitely should never be treated as any form of m...

Honesty is so rare. Billy Joel really knows what he's talking about. 

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