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Steve Pierre

infinite warfare looks real good ...didn't see any super powers might be fun again any thoughts ?

ordered my ps4 and three games ! anyone else

So this is the first year I havent pre-ordered the new game because I am going to buy the PS4 and don't want to buy new games for the PS3 they haven't announced if the 4 will be backwards compatable or not guess I will wait and see ...anyone else thing about this ?

kinda getting tired of all the wannabe trollers like the booster busters and the guys that get the hackers and laggers what do you think

if you run lower score streaks they will boost your score until you can raise them try uav,hunterkiller dron and care package

Hoping the league play grows would be cool to see gaming high lighted more often

Add camo to your knife by pressing the select button while high lighting a custom class


Type 25 since they improved it M27 before
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