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The 10 best sites in every web category, as voted by our users
The 10 best sites in every web category, as voted by our users


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It’s a fact … late adopters are cooler and more intelligent

Actually it’s not a fact, I made it up. But I realized recently that I never buy anything until it’s been out for a few years, and I wanted to explore the reasons why. I certainly don’t consciously wait ages to buy a product, it just seems to happen. I am not particularly tight with money and I like gadgets and technology, so maybe I should be quicker to snap up (and enjoy) the latest products?

I am also not overly skeptical about the reliability of new products. In fact, when I bought my XBOX 360 (a good 2 years after launch, of course) the guy in the shop really tried to push additional insurance on me by claiming that 50% of these consoles succumb to a terrible affliction known as the “button of death” (or something similar). I did the maths and decided that, whilst 50% was very high, there was also a very high likelihood that this spotty 16 year-old was being melodramatic, due to constant exposure to a world of video game death and destruction.

After much thought I have decided that my subconscious refusal to enrich my life with brand new technology is down to a very feeble attempt at 30-something rebellion. The truth is, we all have to grow up and consign our black long-sleeve Pearl Jam t-shirts to the memory banks, because we are too old to rock out (except alone in our living room when the wife is at yoga). But my one last pathetic rebellious trait seems to be refusing to follow the pack and buy exciting new gadgets, just because lots of other people have bought them.

So whilst you are streaming your favorite TV show on your iPad, think about me. I will be smashing my 2004 Nokia cell phone on the table because the snakes and ladders game has crashed again. You may be better entertained, but I am still living the rock ‘n’ roll dream.

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