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What Headstones Are Made Of

In America until about the turn of the century, tombstones were made from either Marble or Limestone. These are seen throughout older cemeteries across the country. Unfortunately, those materials are somewhat of a softer stone and as you may have noticed in passing, the lettering is worn almost completely down from the elements and time that has taken it's toll. Also, many are broken or cracked. This is also because the stone is not extremely dense and vounerable to damage. Now, Cemetery and other type of memorials are made almost exclusively from Granite. Next to quartz, granite is the most dense stone there is. The products we show online are made from granite. We can get you marble if you wish, but check with your cemetery to make sure they allow marble, because of the afformentioned problems with it. Some cemeteries no longer allow it. We have an incredible selection of granite in colors from all over the world that can be made into any type of memorial you would like.


Let us help you get the best headstones for your loved ones and at the best prices. Get free shipping on all headstones. We carry the largest selection of discount headstones at wholesale prices. The purpose of the Artisan Memorials website is to assist you with choosing the right memorial for you or your loved ones. Most of you have never gone through this process before and it is our wish it to make this a little easier for you with the convenience of accomplishing it from your office or the comfort of your home. It is also nice to be able go through this process with family members who may be long distance. It allows you to share ideas from the vast amount of images and types of headstones we have. Our articles are designed to help educate you on the different types of cemetery memorials and granite products available today.
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