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Let us find a Cruise Vacation for you
Cruise and Rail Travel Intl Ltd.

Expect smooth sailing and VIP treatment when you book a truly all-inclusive cruise, with a fare that covers drinks, tips, and other niceties. 

On most cruise ships, your accommodations, standard meals, entertainment, and activities are included in your fare. Then the nickel-and-diming begins.
Want a soda or beer? Add it to your tab. Take an Aerobics class? Expect a fee. Indulge at one of the specialty restaurants? There’s a charge for that, too. The extras quickly add up, often making people depressed when the bill arrives at the vacation’s end. 

But there are cruises that thankfully buck this trend, with out-of-pocket expenses that are truly minimal. Alcoholic drinks, crew gratuities, and sometimes even airfare, shore excursions, and pre- or post-cruise hotel stays are included in the advertised price. 

What’s more, if you are from the Caribbean, Africa, or Asia, it doesn’t require a USA Visa.

View our video to see what you can expect.

For more information about our Cruise Deals please contact Theo / Pat/ Thalissa
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We’ve got 240 reasons you should be in paradise right now plus another great Caribbean Wallpaper. Get it all!
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(Tue03) The Caribbean athletes are being investigated because of their great performances at the 2012 Olympics :)  

----- Forwarded Message -----
Sent: Sunday, 12 August 2012, 6:24
Subject: IOC investigating suspicious items found in rooms of Caribbean athletes

LONDON — The International Olympic Committee’s anti-doping chief acknowledged that they are investigating suspicious
items found in the rooms of many Caribbean athletes.
The IOC had been tipped off that these items may be responsible for the disproportionately superior results of the athletes from this region. 
An IOC spokesman said in a statement, "We have opened an inquiry and have asked the various Olympic Committees of those
island nations for an explanation."
"Samples of the items found have been seized and will be retained for testing. Photo evidence of the items have been passed to the
chairmen of those Olympic Committees for their review, and to evaluate any further steps to be taken" the spokesman also stated..

Below is a copy of the photo evidence of the items found.
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Love this
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‎"The Beasts and Beats of Belize" -This article originally appeared in The New York Times. Check it out
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Get ready for a tropical adventure through the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.
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Happy Humpday! What gets you through the week? Planning a visit to places like this does it for me! #Caribbean #Travel
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2013 Kayak photoshooting

Wanna come kayak in the Caribbean?
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