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Stephanie Scalf
Jesus loving, liberal, wife and Mombie.
Jesus loving, liberal, wife and Mombie.

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We made it! HBD #2
Three whole months since I have made a declaration into the blogosphere. Ohhh I have started many an entries and haven't finished a one. This one, I will. Two years since I became a twin mom to Dru and Roxy. It's such an inclusive little group within a some...

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Welp. I'm back. It's "Take 6" and I'm not even sure if I will get to the end of this one and hit the ever elusive publish. I haven't been able to finish a blog in over a month. It's not writer's block- it's just gibberish. Mostly after pasting it all togeth...

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HMD Musings
My Mama. She's a complex character. I think about the timeline of events in her life told to my cousins and me by the throng of Aunts that fill our backyards for random celebrations. Each sibling brings something profound to the mix of years gone by. Differ...

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Today I find out if I'm equipped to take my twin 1.5 year olds two hours out of the time zone and live to enjoy telling about it. Chances are, no matter the hassle- there's always the dazzle. Trey and I love to try new foods, local places and random adventu...

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Reflections (all the puns intended)
When the world feels heavy and you are down on yourself, remember who MADE you. Think of the way you look at the faces around you- in their imperfections you see love and if you look really hard you can sometimes see the reflection of their maker.  We want ...

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RBF, NYC and Super Tuesday.
There are certainly 80 thousand thoughts (obvious hyperbole) running through my head at any given moment. I try to get them all out during the day- this explains the RBF and why I look lost most of the time, I usually am- I'm lost in thought. The beauty of ...

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Things you don't know until after the fact..
I'll take "Foot in my Mouth" for 200 please, Alex?? NO? How about "Apologies I should've made for 300, Alex.? NO?! I had no idea what the things on my bucket list were until I started experiencing them! Trey bought me a writing prompt book this past weekend...

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Holidays in the States
Our family started the 2016 New Year in Denver, Colorado. We visit often to see my step-son, enjoy the local recreations and stare, with jaws dropped, at the incredible creation that God planted in the middle of our country. Leaving the country has appeal, ...

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Quick ramblings in Dec
Every night when I climb into bed I think, "I have never been this tired in my life. There is no way I am going to rejuvenate by tomorrow. So done. Well done. Burnt even." and then.....if all goes well overnight I wake up in the morning with the sun or the ...

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White Noise
There are two babies living in my house. I have managed to wrangle them for 12 whole months. I wouldn't trade the double diaper change, the double burp, the double carseats, the double stroller the double shift or the double duty for anything. I am the lead...
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