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I've had my BB10 Dec version B device now for a few weeks and it is a good thing they still have 3 months before launch. My experience is that BB10 still has a lot of work that needs to be done.

My other thoughts so far are that iPhone users well feel more at home than android users. The home screen is very iOSesk. Android users will probably find it to limiting wondering where are all the customization abilities.

The ability to run android apps is cool but RIM is very far behind in terms of the android version they support. Here we are on 4.2 but they are only supporting 2.2 or 2.3 (can't remember which version). Though I have no idea if that actually excludes you from running any apps since I don't know if there are any APIs in those higher versions that are need. 
Barry R
I was enticed to Android and then ultimately Apple when it became available on Verizon because of the apps and great touchscreens. My first smartphone was a Curve. I then bought the Storm the day it was released, and we all know what a disaster that turned out to be! I was so excited for a Blackberry touch screen, and it was terrible! So I returned it during the 30 day trial period, and purchased a Bold. I liked it. The thing that caused me to leave Blackberry was app envy. All my friends had apps that could do really cool stuff. These days, I need a few apps to survive: a great weather app ( I live in tornado alley), Facebook, calendar, Evernote, Google+ and Nav. I hope BB10 will have all of these things, because I really feel like they are a great company that got a little complacent and then fell behind the others. It would be nice to have Path and Instagram, but they aren't deal breakers. Have you heard if they are going to have a Google+ app yet?
And thanks for the great articles! I always enjoy reading them.
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