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Tricky Nexus 7 box is tricky. Maybe this is why +Phil Nickinson doesn't enjoy doing unboxings, scared he might face a box like this lol.
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I would love to be facing that challenge right now ;-)
Me too.. been calling Staples here in Canada all morning to check stock and no one will answer the damn phone.
I've spent over an hour trying to get through to Google and absolutely nothing. Currys in the UK have stocks that can be here in 2 days but I'll need to cancel my Google one
you know that lovely luxury feeling you get when you take an iPhone out of the box, the bit where that packaging is so well designed that the iPhone sits up just to make getting your hands on it that little bit easier... +Google UK +Android +Nexus +Asus take note! Look at your valued customers first impressions of this brilliant tablet. (P.S. feel free to send me one in new packaging for 'testing' :P )
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