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I really want Google+ to replace Facebook...what's it gonna take? Suggestions?
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They really need to break it up into pieces and seamlessly integrate it into Android. Have your contacts act like a friends list, messaging be separate or part of Google Voice, etc. There's no need for a separate app that replicates functions Google has already. The problem is integration.
I really want it to replace fb as well but they need add exciting new features that fb doesn't already have and allow people to advocate it to their friends. Right now, they don't really have anything over fb, and they miss things like events and birthdays, as well as im. At least I can say personally that I hate that I have to add people to google talk to im with them even if we have each other in our circles. But there's a really fascinating blog post about it below.
Thanks for all of your feedback! Jordan, great articles on the "big picture"! This gives me a new perspective on my question.
yeah, hopefully we see their long term strategy more and more over the next few months.