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Messaging / Social Apps and their impact on deep thinking, reactionism and fake news
Those of us who were (little) early to the Internet party in India would find the current forwarding and fake news culture on Whatsapp / Facebook similar to what ranting & flaming on newsgroups (e-groups) used to be in the early 2000s. However, newsgroups, ...

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Checklist for product developers to market products
Stepahnie Hurlburt, a Graphics Engineer & Entrepreneur has tweeted a very useful checklist for software developers releasing Open Source products and tools to help in their adoption. I think the checklist can be used by all product developers / marketers to...

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Why is it hard to scale a services business?
Jim Collins has been researching and writing about the Flywheel as a value of enterprises. For those who may not know, here his most famous illustration - the Amazon Flywheel. Lower prices led to more customer visits. More customers increased the volume of ...

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Presidential Election under the Indian Constitution <br/> <small>Addendum: Why is the Indian Constitution Unique </small>
I have mentioned in past that "If the Indian constitution is a copy of the British and American systems, it’s the most intelligent and well customised copy ever made" Today, I discovered another small tid-bit of a quirk adopted by the makers of the Indian c...

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Where the individual feels Independent!
Where News is not fake  And opinion is not biased; Where no temple, mosque, Gurdwara or Church, feels the need to use loudspeakers,  to practice their faith;  Where no one retiring from constitutional position, feels the need to voice concerns for, safety o...

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Dots that never connected
Vivek Kumar Agrawal was retiring today, leaving behind an illustrious career at Coal India Limited and a model career path for his subordinates to look forward to. VK Sir, as he was called, was the poster boy of what PSU corporate executive should be - astu...

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Contrasting futures - the suburb vs. the city
I grew up in a typical suburban home, single storied, lush garden around it. Whether it was the nostalgia of living that life or observation of lower cost of living in a small city, till recently I used to idolise that life, yearned to go back to it when I ...

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Socialism, Communism, Open Source and Browsers
I love Firefox and the Mozilla foundation - it was the beacon of innovation when Microsoft tried to kill it with repeated versions of its buggy Internet Explorer! If you were involved in software development or managing online products circa 2005-2008 , you...

When will reply to feature available in Native Whatsapp become available in the Disa plug in?

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Animal Farm and the current political landscape of India
I've just finished reading The Animal Farm , and while it essentially describes conditions in USSR under Stalin just after the WW2, it can be generalised to any country or political setup a few years or cycles after a major change. It is not just a commenta...
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