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Beautiful day riding through the fields
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Also cars and all other sorts of contraptions, but I was hoping the answer was horses too! :)
What kind, if I may ask? (Huge fan of horses of all shapes and sizes here!)
My daughter rides a mixture between an arab and a "selle française"...which is in theory gray, but most of the time rather beige/brown, depending on which patch of the prairie he just decided to roll in...the one I ride is a beautiful honey brown "selle française". We love horses too...all sizes and shapes...
I just googled the breed, as I did not know it - those are gorgeous, big horses! Somewhat akin to the "Dansk Varmblod". You are lucky to have both lovely horses and lovely terrain! :)
Oh, I wish I had the opportunity to ride on a regular basis, but I don't. When I do get the chance, it's usually on Icelandic horses, but I don't really care all that much. I am just in love with all of them, watching them in the field, listening to them eat, riding them, hugging them, whatever.
Horses always make me feel a special kind of happy, strong, free and giddy. :)
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