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Towards the end of August I spent an all too brief week in Bulgaria. As short as that visit was, I did manage to pack in some wonderful sites and museums. Truly, Bulgaria has as much to offer those who enjoy exploring the past as any other country in Europe. In this post I suggest seven reasons why I think now is the time to visit Bulgaria.

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Looking for a 14-day tour of Ancient Egypt? 

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As the waters start flowing at the Trevi Fountains (turned on 3 November after 17 months of restoration), go beyond the majesty of the Baroque sculpture and architecture to its Roman origins.

A great video of the opening of the Trevi Fountain in the link.

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Ever been to a site that totally surprised you? Hadrian's Wall has been that site for me!

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Anyone still thinking about heading away for a weekend break in Europe? Amiens has it all ... a 2kms stretch of Christmas market - with stalls from around the World, great restaurants and hotels for whatever your budget, one of the first purpose-built art and archaeology museums in France, and the spectacular Cathedral in all its colourful Medieval glory.

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The building of the Medieval castle at Guédelon must be one of the most spectacular examples of 'experimental' archaeology. Interested? You can listen to Sarah Preston from Guédelon, and even post a question. This will be good!!
Ever wondered just how hard & complicated it would be back in the 13th century to build one of those medieval castles that we flock to as tourists in the 21st century?

Well, in the woodlands of Burgundy, about 2 hours from Paris, you can see for yourself.

Starting from scratch in 1997, using only the tools and techniques available in 13th century, a team of stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths, tile-makers and other craftsmen have been hard at work building Guédelon ( under the gaze of visitors from around the world. It's an astonishing archaeological project (due to be featured this month in a five-part documentary on BBC2) that will keep them busy till 2025.

Sarah Preston from Guédelon will join this week's HOA to talk about the project and what's there for visitors.

If you have questions for her, or perhaps have visited Guédelon and have experience to share, and you'd like to participate in the hangout, let me know.

If you have questions but don't want to join us, then you can post them using the onscreen Q&A app (top right) before and during the hangout.

And if you have other travel/tourism stuff you'd like to talk about in this week's edition, let me know.

Image: CC Flickr/Alexis Mons (

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What Do Classical Antiquities Look Like in Color?: An exhibition currently on view at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen is making the case for polychromy. Transformations: Classical Sculpture in Colour argues that “Antiquity was anything but sceptical of colour” and that “the white marble of Antiquity was merely a tenacious myth.” The show features around 120 pieces: original sculptures alongside experimental, colored reconstructions.


Picture left: “Young Roman,” 3rd century CE, marble, h: 0.26m, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, alongside its reconstruction

Picture right: So-called “Peplos Kore,” original alongside reconstruction, Athens (540 BCE/2011), artificial marble, h: 130 cm, Stiftung Archäologie, Munich
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An excellent and insightful look at the story behind the 'discovery' of Angkor in Cambodia.

#archaeology   #angkorwat   #angko   #Cambodia  

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A striking neoclassical tomb in the Graceland Cemetery of Chicago ... one of many from all periods of Europe's past.

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Sunday Reading!

Weekly round up of posts on archaeology blogs for last week

New this last week on Archaeology Travel:
► Celebrating Coleridge, Kublai Khan & Xanadu

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