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Noa Bolozky
I'm a TV and Film makeup artist with a passion for fashion, design, decor, and all things beauty.
I'm a TV and Film makeup artist with a passion for fashion, design, decor, and all things beauty.

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Falling into Fringe
Happy Monday everyone! I've been noticing that trends which were strong last year have reasserted themselves this fall. Thank goodness that a minor wardrobe re-fresh can always bring your clothes out of hiding.     This H&H Conscious Collection, lace skirt ...

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Happy Halloween!!
Happy All Hallows Eve Everyone! I'm so excited, as always, for Halloween. But the fact that it falls on a Friday this year makes it a special thrill! Every year I determine to come up with a great costume, and every year due to work and scheduling and produ...

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Unboxing My AdoreMe!
What a fabulous day it is to come home and find a surprise package from the world's sexiest lingerie, Adore Me, waiting at my front door!   Adore Me creates outstanding inner and underwear, and their sizes, cuts and fit are exceptional. But it's also a trea...

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Jane on Montana: The Place for Oooh
Happy Labor Day Everyone! I hope it's been a groovy, long weekend. For my part, It's been a chance to rest, reevaluate, and spend a little one-on-one time with the hubs. (Not that we won't be checking out a few Labor Day sales and testing out some possible ...

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Caftans and Snaps
Pardon the low quality snaps, but I just returned from a long weekend in NYC, which flew by too quickly to even take photos! Although my camera was with me the whole time, I was having too much fun to remember to take it out of my purse. The whole, long wee...

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My Favorite Way to Flat
I'm a big fan of heels. I feel sexy and powerful and statuesque in a pair of three inch pumps. But the pragmatist in me is getting older and wiser, and realizing that the safest way to still love fashion and work on my feet all day is to embrace flats. That...

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Babydoll for Night
How do you take a baby-doll dress from daytime shopping to dinner out in 5 minutes? Add a clutch, summer heels, and a sparkly blazer! A mere change in shoes can transform any outfit instantaneously. I swapped out cutaway flats for cutaway heels and a fringe...

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Tunic Time, Retro Style
Want to add a little flair to your jeans? Sick of a grey/white/black, little tee? How about a vintage tunic top? The cool thing about this cut? It's fitted, not billowy, so there's still a fitted tee "vibe", but with a 60's touch.  3/4 sleeves always keep t...

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Vintage Nipon, the Easiest, Dinner Dress
S ome days are jus t dreamy escapes. On those days your choice of cloth ing can t ransport you to another era. In this afternoon's case, my vintage, Albert Nipon dress.  Other than throwing still-drying hair in a bun and adding a lengthy
necklace, I needed...

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Repurposing the Retro
I've always loved the 70's, (particularly the early part of the decade that was still drawing inspiration from the print and design of the late 60's). As a youngster I bought a lot of clothing that was "inspired" by the 70's. As an adult I've learned how to...
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