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Marianne Benson
So much time and doing so little with it...
So much time and doing so little with it...

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Updates for Accommodation and Parking
    1.   Just to be clear, if you have looked for rooms at The Millstone At Mellor (our base) and the website has told you it's full... DON'T BELIEVE IT! :-)     We still have 6 or 7 rooms set aside specifically for our wedding so you need to call 01254 813...

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Does any one here have (or know someone who has) any experience with free motion sewing or embroidery?

I'm fancying some random-ish embroidery on sheer fabric, to use as a wedding veil or possibly also to incorporate into a dress. I wondered about crochet, but not sure how fine that could be made. Free motion might be the way to go, to get the effect I'm imagining, but maybe crochet could be added as another layer?

I'll probably try and have a go myself, but input from some more creative minds would be much appreciated.
Ta muchly, Mx
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Short but to the point. Damn well going to try and point Mark's kids in this direction...

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Time to share this again. Just watched it for the first time in ages and it still gives me prickles down the back of my neck. So lovely...

Tim Minchin & Prof Brian Cox - White Wine In The Sun

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Sadly don't know who did this, so can't credit them yet. Whoever it was, they deserve a pint (maybe not in one of these, though...)

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Too much awesome to take in one sitting. That's my weekend sorted...

Right, well. Facebook has p!$$£d me right off, so I guess I'd better start getting to grips with google...
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