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on hiatus
This was a writing project turned wrting-as-therapy project but now I feel rather detached from it and want to focus on photography.  So take a look at my tumblr: and flickr: All for ...

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It has been awhile...
Photographs, in the end, are scientific
records of a moment.   They are scientific
records of light that enters the camera – a machine that adjusts itself with
moving parts that open and close.   The emotions, memories, and stories we
attach to these photog...

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grains of white sand, between hair strands
I've been trying to write again. 
I sit here and stare at this screen many times, frozen.   This is not your typical clichéd case of
writers block either.   Because I am not sure
what to think anymore, because most days I just cannot think.   I have to get ...

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so much beauty it could make you cry
Sunset in Cork, Ireland.  There is a man with no legs who wheels himself up Porter Street in Washington, DC every day.  The apartment I used to live in was just off of Porter Street and I would see him at least a few times a week perform this amazing task. ...

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it has been almost a year
you never know what life will hand you, and when it hands you a tough
struggle it is as if you are stuck in that grass maze trying to push
your way through and each day you only get through one blade of grass,
it is a slow struggle, a struggle of enduran...

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